Compression Tights From Australia?

I’m interested in purchasing some compression tights (leggings), but not from the brand SKINS, which sell them for around $150 (far too much IMO). Is there anywhere I can get compression tights from at a reasonable price? (BTW, I’m in Perth).

The Aussie guys in this thread reckoned when Rebel special them they are around $70.

What 's the advantage of the SKINS tight over regular ones like asics/nike etc…

Are they really that good for recovery, or less take off the pressure on the legss during workouts?

nike have them. Another brand has them as well, can’t remember there name (I believe they are only available online though)

Sorry Rupert - but check the coaches assocation website for Australia

Come on the 'Eagles!!!

I know some of the English rugby clubs use them too but I’m not sure where they get them from

[I know the WCE’s use them too - I have a good mate working with them - I’ll find out if he knows where they get them from.]

if anyone in australia want skins, PM with you details and ill give you a quote

Thanks for the replies guys.

I don’t really want the SKINS compression tights unless they are drastically reduced. I don’t see how they can be much better than any other brand, it’s probably just the way they advertise and market them that makes them look superior.

DMA do you know where I can purchase the NIKE compression tights from (online or at sportstore)?

P.S. Good to see a fellow WCE fan on

i have a pair of nike compression shorts and they are pretty good. ive never felt difference in rocovery wise with them. but yeah, i purchased mine from Rebel Sports for around 60-80$ i think. but im sure you can find it at an online store, dont know a website sorry man

I think Rebel carry Linebreak as well which are supposed to be similar to SKINS and NIKE. I have no idea if any of these actually work any better than regular lycra tights.

Try better value than skins and available in the USA.

I’m at a big rugby university and the Underarmour stuff is very popular. The rugby players are under alot of pressure to bulk-up or they won’t make the cut… considering it’s in season recovery is paramount. Apperently they sleep in Underarmour compression tops and tights to aid recovery?!?

i have now tried skins and linebreak, and i would say that i would go linebreak. very similar but a major difference in price, and i think they look better aswell. you can get them at rebel i think