Complex training after speed

What do you guys think about me adding a set of tuck jumps between heavy sets of squats after speed1/weights1? I dont really do any plyos in my routine and was wondering if you thought this could be of some benefit?

Here is speed1/weight1 workout:

Day 1 - S1/Weights1
Warm-up: 800 meter walk/jog, drills (A’s, B’s, Ankle drills) stretching, 3x30 meter accelerations)
Speed - 3 reps x 2 sets x 30 meter block start sprints

Squats 4 sets
Good Mornings 3 sets
Flat Bench/Dips 3 sets each
Bent over Rows 3 sets
Cooldown: Jog two laps after finishing
I was thinking I could do three sets in between warmup sets or in between my working sets (80% of 1RM and higher) in the following protocol:

set of back squats: rest one minute, set of tuck jumps, rest 3 minutes, repeat.



Activation vs supercompensation is perhap the real arguement? Thoughts on placement of training sub-units as ways to improve output?

I thought complex training protocols called for plyo’s to be done after the working set and not the warm-ups.I think complex training is great . However everything that I’ve read warns athletes to use it sparingly.

I was planning on doing them once a week after speed 1. I’ll do them between my working sets of squats. These are done only with Bodyweight. No added resistance…


Donald Chu talks about super-compensation after each set of resistance exercises.

Others call it post-tetanic-potentiation, and acknowledge the effect, but do not recommend its use in training (if memory serves me)

Charlie argues that super-compensation takes place over days, not minutes or hours.

Who are you going to listen to? Your choice.

I contend that the magnitude of the nervous system potentiation caused by weights is negatively correlated to the standard of the athlete (since an elite athlete can maximally ercruit muscles anyway).

Intermediate sprinters may therefore benefit from the following protocol:

  1. Squat, 2 singles @ 90%

  2. Track: Speed session

  3. Weights

BTW I don’t believe in plyos for sprinters since sprinting is plyometric

Those were my thoughts as well David. I dropped weighted jump squats from my routine entirely. I am just curious if there would be any benefit to such a protocol once a week. I dont have access to weights before the track session unfortunately but do afterwards.
thanks again,


I wish there was a definitive answer…

I am curious if I concentrated on strength in the weightroom and just speed/power on the track would I be better off?

I want to maximize my gains for the time spent working out… I am curious if an extra set or two of heavy backsquats or concentrating on adding poundage to my existing sets of backsquats would have more benefit in the long term versus incorporating 3 sets of tuck jumps etc…

I only have so much energy and want to maximize my time spent working out towards getting faster…

I’ll have to experiment and see what works best I guess…


I guess if you feel like you have a lot of extra CNS energy to expend it would probably be best spent on some extra meters on the track.

Looking at the workout you provided, I would say you addressed the speed/plyo component at the track. Even though the total volume is relatively low, I think the total time to complete this session may be a bit much. Any thoughts?

Interesting point especially considering weights are about 15 minutes from the track.

I think I’ll keep things the way they are now. I am progressing well both in my lifts and my times so something must be working haha :slight_smile:

What do you think about this then :slight_smile:
current workout:

What do you think about me dropping weights from my SE day (2x120meter with 15 minutes rest) and do the following instead:

Then go straight back to speed1/weights1

That way I get an extra speed session in for each cycle.

what do you think?

Simplify, simplify, simplify. If track work and weights are working, stick with them. Instead of trying to see how many different elements you can fit into your training program, examine each element and drop as much as you can.

As I recall, you have gone to a three day cycle of sprint, tempo and rest so that you can recover enough for speed work. Perhaps instead of adding in more CNS stress on your speed days in the form of complexes or plyos you could simply leave them out. You may find that you recover faster and can then get in an extra speed session every two weeks. This may ultimately help your sprint perofrmance more than any new training modality. I think Charlie said “It is better to do less, more often than more, less often.”

valid points but sometimes you may need to vary components after training at an elite level. Perhaps someone could post when should more “complicated” methods be used. I think the key to make things simple but layer in as much as possible for indirect improvments.