Complex Train = Weights + Plyo´s

Does anyone heard about the COMPLEX TRAINING METHOD ?

We often read/heard that a mix with Weights and Plyo´s ( same day ) can be detrimental for sprinters…

Well we have any guinea-pig here so far ? Don´t forget to tell us how this thing is being. :wink:

Why would it be detrimental? There is still plenty to discuss in terms of order, vol. time of year, etc.

Ok,so what are the basic rules ?

  • May i do Complex Training yet ( 1 year train )
  • Weight followed by Plyo´s or Weight / Plyo´s / Weight ?

Talking about a session,
what about Squat: 4 sets (8reps + 7reps + 6reps + 5reps raising weight)
followed by drop jumping 4 sets of 10 reps for example ?

What kind of weights and plyo´s can be mixed in a session,
Squat, Bounding Upstairs, Leg Curl Dorsiflexion, Standing Long Jumps…

As we approach a competitive phase what should be better ? Stop complex train or just reduce the volume ?


I think a search of the archives may be in order here, not to mention a more in depth study about plyometric methodologies.

Somewhere, Christian Thibaudeau has a very nice post detailing why you should only advance to “advanced” training methods when you need it, not arbitrarily.

If a coach intends for an athlete to utilize plyo’s later in the programme I think some form should probably be introduced from the beginning (other than simple running), for the sake of technique and strength development. Plyometrics cover a whole rnge of different exercises from skipping to depth jumps and running to double arm-drive bounds, so theres really some thing to be gained at all levels of experience.

When I trained hard back in the early 90’s we used to do:


backsquats with a set of tuck jumps or jump squats in between

It was tough but really seemed to help power. :slight_smile:

We’d incorporate them in GPP SPP and taper as the other CNS stuff became more intense.


Chris, do you differentiate sprintwork from speedwork ? :confused:
Did backsquats + tuck jumps + speedwork all 3 in the same day ?
What was the intervals between, can you remember ? :wink:


oops that was a typo I meant the following:

Speedwork: depending on phase could be blocks, short speed, etc

Immediately after speed hit the weight room (as soon as possible afterwards)

Complex example:

Squats with set of tuck jumps in between. (on heavy sets)

ie: 275 oly style backsquats for double or triple immediately followed by a set of tuck jumps (6-8 reps) then wait 2 minutes and do the next set.

Usually around 3-4 heavy sets total with jumps.

It was low volume but seemed effective. Especially for short sprints and power out of the blocks. (0-30meters)


Who might benefit from complex training the most? If you’re talking about an athlete who runs 10.00-10.25, does he need to learn to express his strength more quickly? Nice to be back.

I would think anyone would. Volume would be dependant on the athlete. I ran 10.8-11.1 on average back then and it helped me alot. :slight_smile:

I found it good to use sparingly. (maybe for 2-3 microcycles in GPP and SPP)

Other plyos would take over more later on.