complex sets


I was wondering what your favorite complex sets were. Ideas that I have were from an old Korchemny USATF book. But I was wondering if you had some new ideas. Also if you could give me some idea on volume that would be great as well. I think that they are one of the best tools that can be used for building strength base.

Are you reffering to hybrid sets, hybrid reps?
Hybrid sets are two or more exercises done one after another (5 reps one, 5 reps second etc) without rest and without weight change. Hybrid reps are two exercises done: 1 rep one, 1 reps second etc…

I use complex setc (hybrid sets) for specific warm-up:
After a general warm-up, and befor specific warm-up for a given exercises I do the following stuff with the bar only, all for 5 reps (no rest in between)

Curls + Press
Back Squat
Good Morning
Frot Squat
Overhead squat
Sumo DL

Are you referring to what Duxx just stated or are u referring to the use of a weight training exercise followed by a plyometric exercise, if you are referring to the latter I am currently in the process of focusing my next month cycle around this complex training, I will be using most of the straight forward combinations:

Bench Press/Med Ball Chest Throw
Variety of Squat followed by vertical jumps
Step Ups/Bleacher Blasts

Also I may incorporate the following, though not as sure

Snatch/overhead throw
Clean/various jumps
Single leg squats/bounds

Not sure if this falls into complex training:
Weighted jumps/non-weighted jumps

what kind of complexes?post korchemny’s ones and then we can compare

i guess the ones that I have seen could include

Barbell sidelunges (10ea) followed by 45degree forward bounding 5each (continuous) followed by 6 high hurdles, then finished off by double leg bounding up 20 stairs(skipping stairs inbetween)

another complex

Depth Jump followed by 5 double leg hurdle hops followed by 3 hang cleans then finished off by 30m sprint


Split Jerk by 3 followed by barbell walking lunge 2 ea leg by multiple box bounding 6 boxes (30m)

Obviously you can decrease the volume on these exercises to make them less taxing. I was wondering when all of you coaches thought would be a good time to encorperate them into the plan. They are definitely taxing on the CNS, and recovery is the key as I know. However, do you think if the volume was lower, it could be consitered for active recovery days?


well, active recovery, No,but for not elite level athletes, with some rest btwn different exercise can have theiy value

Ok so its normal complexes. While I’m not that hot on them personally from talking to mike stone he suggests doing a “slow” 3-5RM lift followed by a set of plyometric exercises. He believes you need 3min rest between these sets for optimum performance to allow creatine to replenish etc…

Ones he said were 3RM Squat 3min rest then 5 depth jumps with 6s between jumps.

Hope this helps.

What do you mean by “slow”?

As in a maximum effort lift rather than an explosive one like jump squats. It’s relativly slow but you should still attempt to contract as fast as possible, it’s just that the load you use will force you to move slowly. Its just exercises from opposite ends of the force time curve.