Compex EMS Units - Which preset programmes do people use?

I am going to invest in an EMS unit.

Although they do not publish the specifications of each of their programs, I have read some good reports about the Compex range of products both on this forum and elsewhere. They also seem to have good documentation and a 3yr guarantee – so at least it’s going to last.

The one problem I have with them is that they have hundreds of programs many of which I can’t believe I am ever going to use. As the models increase in price the number of programs increases.

If I am only going to only ever use two or three programs and they are available in the cheaper models then obviously it negates buying the more expensive units.

My question is which of the preset Compex programs am I actually going to use?

From looking at the forum it appear that Christian Thibaudeau and NumberTwo, martn76 have Compex units so I was wondering if they, or anybody else, could give me feedback on which programs I would use.

The Compex website is:

I was looking at either the Energy, Sport400 or MI-Sport500 models.



I have the MI-sport 500 model. Very very effective. I use a range of settings for different times. For example I have been using the hypertrophy and capillarisation settings to improve muscle quality of the prime movers. My quads look like they have road network maps drawn on them. My hamstrings and erector spinea are developing. The max strength setting is very very intense, in fact all the setting are INTENSE. The massage settings are excellent. I use them on recovery days.

Martn76, Thanks for posting.

What do you think of the MI technology. Does it actually do anything - that you can notice?

Yes the programs change subtly but to be honest the sport 400 or 500 are probabyl just as good.

I have the sport 400 and I must have used at least a dozen different settings including ones for strength, power, hypertrophy, capillarization, cramp prevention, etc. I’m very happy with the flexibility and ease of use. Worth the money.


The machine looks sleek and sexy as well!

Yeah, I really like the design of the models and the way they have color coded the leads and set up the menu systems. It’s the little things that really separate the compex units from all of the others I’ve seen. The battery life on each charge also seems very good compared to other models I’ve used.