Dear Members,

After 3 years from my last season I have find motivation to start training again. I will need some opinions and advice. Maybe I should start with background. Last and pre-last seasons werent perfect for me but I was ready as hell. I am now 24, 186cm and still have 88kg (maybe kg or two more fat).

My PB’s are 100m-10,85 200m-21,68. I have never showed all i got in competition because of injuries and CNS overload. But was ready for some 10,60, 21,20 times. My best race, in my opinion, was 11,00 run in 4,2 headwind :slight_smile: After the last season I wanted to try 400m but because lack of motivational I took the brake that lasted 3 years haha :slight_smile: I was quite into the fitness when i stopped running though.

Now I want to take 1 year to prepare for comeback. The current situation is following. I am still quite ready to run 60m (did few trainings), did some 7,20 time in sneakers and around 7,0 in spikes (indoor). I am still quite strong (snatch 3x70kg without any specific training). I see that I lack strenght and endurance in soleus and iliopsoas (can not maintain high hip for a long time).

Goals: I want to fulfill my wish and run 400m but dont know where to start. Would it be better to start focusing on 200m first? Should I focus on regaining speed and that on endurance or combine it all together. I really liked Kitkat 400m plan though. I know that I will have to rely on my feelings a lot in the beginning but dont know what to expect.

What is the best solution for me? How far can I get in 1 year, can i get close to PB’s?

Thanks for all the answers guys :slight_smile:

If you really liked the kitkat plan (and dont have this product already) I suggest you get the Lactic Acid Tolerance Training from the CF store. Contains the whole Kitkat thread in an edited easier to read form.
It gives the starting point for GPP and preparation,concurrent training. It also covers the benefits and drawbacks of running 200s.

3 Best ways to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Not my line but when I start feeling overwhelmed I like to remind myself of this phrase.

Oldbloke makes an excellent suggestion to read Lactic Acid Tolerance e book. You have to read this book if you are wanting to run and train for the 400 meters.

Your 100-meter is better than your 200-meter time. It’s almost exactly double your 100-meter time but you have a running start into the second 100 meters so speed is likely an innate attribute? I don’t know what your training background has been like or your performance details and history but my sense is speed is something you come by naturally. It’s a good start for you.

I think you are right about your best run was 11 seconds into a 4.2 head wind.

You need to start from where you are.

First you need to start routinely training and then become consistent and get as fit as possible and begin to build from there.

You can’t run a 400 meters without addressing speed or strength. I think you need to improve your general understanding of some training method as you move ahead.

Who says you are ready to run 10.60 and 21.20? Are you running times right now that are electric or in a competition that give you an indicator of such times?

If possible I would also reach out to seek guidance from a coach who is currently actively working with athletes. I assume you are thinking of coaching yourself?

My thoughts

  1. Read Speed Trap if you have not already.
  2. Read The Charlie Francis Training Manual
  3. Watch one of the key lectures either Vancouver or Edmonton.
  4. Watch the General Preparation Phase Video to see how the information in that compares to your background and where you are at right now.
  5. Read Lactic Acid Tolerance E book.
  6. Continue to work on this site with people who are here and can direct you or find someone to mentor your progress if you are not having a coach help you.

Let me know what you think about some of these suggestions.

The more people know about what is currently going on the better anyone will be to try and guide you.

Thanks for long answer that you provided! I am well familiar with CFTS and its methodes. I was training according to his training program for last 3-4 last competitive seasons. I was doing crucial mistake though, i was always pushing to hard and got burned out or injured right before competitions.

My SPP looked something like this, very classical:

Mon: Speed
Tue: Tempo
Wed: SE2
Fri: SE1
Sat: Tempo

I ran a lot of 300m distances in training but trying ran them over 95% back than with low volume so maybe there was a problem, I didnt do a lot of volume.

You misunderstand, the times that I mentioned I am not ready to run now, but I was prepared for this times in last two seasons (3,4 years ago).

I watched vancover series and read CFTS. But dont have really good perception how to solve 400m problem.

I was training myself for last 3,4 season and its hard to find a coach that would agreed to the plan i create(CF princips).

Maybe the best will be to read lactic acid tolerance ebook and start step by step. First to do really long GPP and that SPP with focused on lactic training but still involving one speed workout?

I was wondering what is the main thing that you should focus on comeback, where are the traps

Also do you have some expirience with such comeback, how fast can people get back to simmilar training times that they were running before brake? Is this few months, one year or few years,…

I did not start running seriously with Charlie until I was 26 years old so you have 2 years on me.

From that point I shaved more than 1 second off my 100 m hurdle time and made the national team.

What other kind of experience were you looking for? I can only tell you what I know based on what I did and the information I have on this site for sale.

As I said before.

The best way to eat an elephant in one bite at a time.


Thanx Angela,

there are still two main questions bothering me.

  1. At the beginning should i focus on regaining speed and when reached try to stretch it to 400m, or start directly with 400m training and regain speed throughout the process?

  2. Is KitKat 400m training too advance for “400m beginners”? I know i will have to adjust it based on current situation. I saw some really crazy times and wondering if effect are the same if you can not maintain solid times through all the reps.

This is in short what i am struggling with :slight_smile: Thank for answering that :slight_smile: