would this be a good workout to help ur 40yd dash speed for the combine, i saw it online. 5x10/5x20/5x40/2-3flyin 30’s build 20/sprint 30??

no, its not a good workout

Why Not?? This Guy Has Trained Many 1st Round Picks Like Mike Vick…

i never found 40 times to be a good indicator of a player.

Yes, but if you suck at it, a lot of coaches and scouts will discredit you. That’s a pretty basic 40 workout and no, it probably won’t be much help except at least you’re running sprints, and not distance runs.

There is a difference between getting better BECAUSE OF training and getting better in lieu of training.

I got a 4.5 in my 40 and coaches think i’m the slowest person on the field so they just dumped me on kickoff return and punt return it was cool at first but now noone kicks to me

OK, you are right, train like this and you will be as fast as Vick. (I hope my sarcasm is apparent!)

One can never look at a single workout and make any determination if it is “good.” It depends (at least) on the goals of the workout. Whether or not this is a good workout depends on many things that you did not address in your post. Where is this workout placed in the training cycle? What is the progression? What is the level, strengths and weaknesses of the athlete? Too many variables to be able to answer…

if your a first round draft pick u were fast already, mike vick was running those 40 times before he went to that guy. First off i think you need to make it for urself, not a cookie cutter i suppose it might work if u havnt trained…if u feel like it will work go for it…

400 yds or so?

that’s some nice acceleration with your 100 time, that’s my weakness, I would be a high 4 in the 40 and you can keep me off kick return cause that’s how i broke my foot

anyways i must agree, as mentioned Vick was a naturally gifted athlete and was always fast so there’s no telling whether a workout like this would improve you very much, however if he has consistent success with this method I would look into it

i dont want to be as fast as vick, i want to be faster. i was timed yesterday in the 40 and run a 4.42e @ 5’8 205lbs and now want to get down to a 4.38e which should transfer to bout low 4.3 handheld atleast. and yes his cookie cutter workouts works. if anyone want to race let me know and we can do it, i travel all over.

get faster boyz and gurls
go horns

my friend larry will race you. 4.30 electronic @ 6’2" 215lbs boy! I myself am not quite as fast witha 4.76 electronic on grass @ 5’11" 238lbs. Just curious what surface did you run yours on?

grass practice field!! let me know time place and date

yes cookie cutter workouts work, if you are training genetic freaks… is the 40 yard dash going to be added to bejing 2008? if not, who cares. if you’re trying to get drafted, its all about your game film. can you ball or not? thats the question.

u tell me… how about 1600yds.