Combination Lifts/Exercises

In the past I have experimented with combination lifts such as:
Clean Pull - 130% of PR Clean (to 5 lifts max)

  • Light Clean 60-70% of PR clean (to 5 lifts max)

Squat - sub max 95% of 5rm (Bar+BW+Wgt)

  • Jump Squat 40% of Sq total

After 2, 3 week blocks my vertical improved 2 inches (33 to 35in)

I am looking for:
Other beneficial combo’s we all do? (upper and lower)
When to place them in the program?
How often?
Track combo’s? (Sled/Hill + Flat run)

“Always hungry for information” :cool:

Walbin, as I see it you have managed to experience fine performance gains from constructing complex sets in which max/supra-max work is combined with dynamic effort work.

At the end of the day the bottom line, to achieving a positive training effect, is to introduce new stimulus to the organism through the optimal means and methods of specific training.

As I see it; seeing the forest (programming and organization of training) through the trees (means and methods of specific training) must be the focus of our efforts.

Your knowledge and creativity have yielded performance gains.

Bleed the well till it’s dry brother.

Any additional specific complex’s that may be further offered to you are incidental in comparison to you understanding how to apply these means and methods via the programming and organization of training.

So, the point to my post, is that I believe you are best off not to look for specific training flavors of the day, but instead; make and effort to utilize a specific programming system as a medium for the specific training means and methods that have already been proven to yield results, both by your own experience and that of others.

I believe that the conjugate sequence system is an optimal application of the programming and organization of training; in that all sport specific motor requirements are continually addressed, and developed, over time.

If you are not already familiar with the conjugate system, it is my recommendation to you to seek out as much material on the subject as possible.

This is what I am continually/currently doing.

The more you learn-the less you know.


Buy the book explosive power and strength by donald chu, this is what his book is all about, although I dont think the book is rated by the CF community

don’t buy anything by chu.

chu is to plyometrics as weider is to olympic lifting

I’ve heard some good things about Chu from some pretty smart people in the field.

Do a search for my ‘PAP’ (Post activation potentiation) article - 100 x more information than Chu’s book…

I have it and I agree -
My advise - have a look at it in the library and maybe study some of the exercises and go through David W’s PAP article - but to pay money for it - no sorry can’t advise that.

I you really want to part with your money David W would probably accept a donation !!!

Incidently Shaf - I wouldn’t compare anyone to Weider :slight_smile:

I expected those replies!

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