Cold Laser Thearpy

Have any of you guys experiemented with this method of recovery?

No, but I’m curious what/when its used for?

Great stuff, and perhaps Charlie could talk about what he wanted ben to do in Speed Trap with the italian lasesrs. They do it toronto with the lazers but their is a lot of bogus stuff being used. I will not mention names, but one elite chiro is selling out with a laser that sucks…(wrong wave length and of weak power).

In that case, could you recommend some here in Toronto that are not bogus and which lasers and wavelength is the correct one? Thanks Clemson

Cold Lazer therapy is for real, it’s an excellent tool. I have seen some pretty cool applications for injury and performance.

If you are worried about a bad lazer, make sure the unit is FDA approved. Many of the units sold are not. They may or may not be legit, but if its FDA approved you know its a good lazer