coaches: Mike Steen womens bobsleigh

Hey guys need a little help/advice here has any one heard about a coach named Mike Steen has worked with womens bobsleigh in Canada.

Anyone know about his training phisolophies?
Any help here??

canadian women are among the best starters…upperton and moyse push like 3r stringer men…I’d like to have some infos…

The question is if you’ve never heard of him and not many other ppl has there has to be a reason!

Mike Steen is a former CIS pole vaulter/ hurdler. He used to coach for the University of Calgary track and field team. If you are wondering about his influences/styles, I think it would be fair to say that he was influenced by coaches such as Les Gramantik. Just because he isn’t talked about on internet forums doesn’t call his coaching ability into question. Everyone should know that’s a silly assumption.

Well we all know how well the canadian program for track is run! I’d question a polevault jumps coach, training speed training for bobsled.skeleton athletes. Pure speed and acceleration are more of a factor along with weight lifting.

I have to say that just because they’re some of the best starters doesn’t make them great or the program great. There are only a handful of athletes in the woman’s program in the first place. I know of an athlete just coming into the program and she’s a decent athlete in another sport and she’s only 3 tenths off of the push start record on her first time doing it. Another athlete who started last year is also among the top on the Canadian squad who holds the National record only after a few months. It’s not because of the training program but because you’re getting decent athletes into the program instead of just anybody.

Exactly, if you have 20 ppl u work to the bone regardless of the workload a few of them are going to happen to survive and be half decent just based on natural ability. Makes you wonder if those elite few had real coaching how much better pusher’s they’d be

that’s true…but those 2 girl pushed like a europe cup man team her ein cortina and in other tracks…abd actually the level is getting very high…

The one girl who joined last year is a good athete who came from rugby. The program didn’t make her good. The other athlete I’m talking about just did some testing a few weeks ago. She’s not even part of the team yet. The situation that has occurred now is that the Canada Bobsleigh has now made it mandatory to be trained by “THEIR” coaches. No outside speed/power coaches allowed. The sad part is that the 4-man sled on the men’s side speed and power program had nothing to do with “THEIR” coaches. Doesn’t look good for the performance in the years to come.

can you expand a bit on the 4 men issue?

Correct me if im wrong but havent a large amount of the athletes that have been on the bobsled teams been trained by outside ppl. Other then the two designated bobsled canada coachs. Meaning why mess with what works? If ppl are doing well with there respective coachs putitng them all under one umbrella could only lead to problems

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it

In a word, YES! It seems that the coaching staff within Canadian Bobsleigh should learn to leave well enough alone. I think that this is becoming less about the athlete’s best interests and more to do with the ego’s of some of the coaches in Canadian Bobsleigh.

Well, all four people weren’t training under the same coach. Leuders does what’s worked for him over the years. Brown is pretty much the same. And Morgan and Ken are following their own coach (which is the same coach) although doing different training programs. So there you have it. The Men’s 4-man bobsleigh team at the Olympics.

So, now you want all athletes following the same program from a coach who hasn’t had any relationship with them or their programs whatsoever. Does this type of thinking get anymore dumb???!

agree on every word…as always…would be interesting to have some insighton they training especially now in off season

So who is training these athletes on the men’s team? What does their training currently consist of?

Stu McMillan primarily…Mike Steen has a couple men as well

poweronice…is the same one who used to post some time ago?..I loved the stumc millans training insight when he posted on different boards…low int traing thoriugh circuits and med ball, no tempo, emphasis on acceleration and OL, multi throws seem to recall…(a dan pfaff’s alumn?)

My Aunt lives in Calgary and I trained up there a few times. The Stu guy has a reputation of being a pervert. :mad:

ACTUALLY, so far Stu McMillan has had nothing to do with the top sled whatsoever. He’s helped one of the guys on the second sled. The coach that’s been involved with the other two athletes is Adam Lockhart. He’s the guy coaching Morgan and Ken. Leuders will have nothing really to do with Stu and neither did Brown. Now that this “change” has occurred it looks like they’ll all have to follow Stu’s program. Stu McMillan was just hired on a very short while ago. He got canned from the U.S. team 3 weeks before the Olympics. Not too smart from the U.S. but it was something they kinda had to do. He was inappropriate apparently. Something to do with the the preceding post.

He’s certainly a Phaff deciple. Hasn’t really produced anyone from scratch but then neither have I. I do think that Stu’s greatest talent lies not as a speed and strength coach but as a regenerative therapist. He’s really quite good.
It will be interesting to see how the Canadian squads do in the next couple of years in the push start.

lol as far as i know…i don’t post much at all but have been lurking on the site for some time.