coaches: Mike Steen womens bobsleigh


What does Adam Lockhart’s training program/philosophy involve? I just read a good article by someone who referenced him. Could you shed some more light on his training methods?

Coach Lockhart is someone my coach respects greatly.

I’ll check and see if this would be okay to outline some of these things with him on here.

What was referenced in the article? Maybe you could post that part of the article.


This is a copy of the article where he is mentioned. If you can post more details about his methods and training that would be awesome!

May I ask who your coach is?

I beleive he uses something similar to charlie’s basic setup, with some modifications for bob/skel, i’m not 100% certian my conversation with him didn’t have time to go indepth into training philosophy

My Coach was an athlete that worked with Carl Valle, the person that wrote the article.

if some of you can show theiir templates, we can discuss them

i’ll see what i can do with Adam

ok.great…–one thing many bobsled programs have in common is the use of OL and Full squats…also in italy they are big on multijumps and multithrows…the national coach uses something of a 3 day rotation, with weights one day, then bounding next and resisted /unresisted sprints the 3rd

The problem with doing a lot of bounding though, is how tough it can be on the achillies calfs, hipflexors even groin I find. I’ve know skeleton pushes I felt a large groin and psoas invovlement and my bobsled friends always seemed to have groin problems with pro-longed push days.

I push bobsled too…I ifnd it really stressfull, and had some abducctors problems this winter…the peculiar thing is that you start with a really heavy “heave”, then you have areisted acceleration, then you fly faster than on a track…bounding, I agree, lots f low back issues on them also

How hard is bobsled pushing on the hamstrings? Are there many hamstring injuries compared to track sprinting. The stride appears to be different as you never get to really step over.

I think the most suseptable area’s for injuries from bob or skeleton pushes are the groin and psoas then hamstrings. From what I experienced and my friends

yeah achilles for sure as well as groin. you can also throw in stuff like low back issues.

alex, i would say that hamstring injuries are quite rare in competition but obviously quite common in the off season. i’m sure the brakeman on a four man would be a potential victim of a hammy pull.

a friend of mine pushed 4 and blew his hamstring out real bad, on the last powerfull groundstroke before he jumped in. That was probably one rough ride down!

for myself also the low back suffered…any news for the training programs discussion?


Can you post any more insight into Coach Lockhart’s training methods with the bobsledders that he trains???

I would suggest buying a consulation through paypal. He is worth it. :smiley:

Does he have a website???