Coach John Davies

I hear really mixed reviews about his training programs and everything… Is he just a dude who grabs onto every single “craze” and makes it more presentable?

Pretty much. He also would tell people that the was a student of Charlie’s which isn’t true.
I’ve found his strength training workouts to be sub-par. For starters there’s way too much volume. He also implements a variety of silly exercises into his lifting sessions. His GPP workouts, however, are very good and I’ve seen them benefit a ton of athletes. A real testement to this is to take a look at some of the teams he works with. Northwestern, for example, is known for being a team that is in very good shape. They base their entire offense on the use of no huddle. But their defense is year in and year out famed for being weak and can literally be run over. I remember watching a Penn State game from 2 years ago and if Davies’ strength programs are supposed to be great, then I wasn’t seeing it. A HIT team like Penn State had no problem moving them all over the place. Larry Johnson broke the school rushing record that day. I probably could’ve driven a tractor through the holes in the Northwestern D-Line. You could also say that since they don’t run a lot of Power schemes on offense, they don’t have confidence in their linemen.

That game examples clears a ton up for me. I always thought a Davies’ program was more geared towards conditioning (even his weights); almost like the Richard Simmons of Strength Coaches.

almost like the Richard Simmons of Strength Coaches.

That is absolutely hillarious!!! PArtly because it is accurate.

Even respected coaches that hate him are willing to admit they like his GPP ideas. His strength stuff needs some work though.

good points…allways learn. I do like his coaching style…if your are lazy he gives you bus tickets home!

I’m actually hoping that somebody can tell me exactly what Davies said about his relationship with Charlie and what Charlie’s reponse was. Help, anybody…

I am curious about that too.

I also heard that Davies “screwed” Pavel T, but I am not sure about that.

… We need a gossip magazine revolving around strength coaches :cool:

If he where to coach one of you wouldn’t he change his program to suit your needs? What do people really know about his, and others, programs when tailored for a certain individual instead of a whole team?

I have read a lot of what Coach D wrote at t-mag (including the forum), his site and elsewhere. I trained Renegade style for 6 months myself and have some friends who still do, they swear by it but use sport specific programs where as mine was more general.

First off IMHO he is a great marketer - perhaps an honours student at Poloquin University :smiley:

I got as fit as a buck rat no doubt about it but lost a huge amount of strength. This may have been due to the fact that I wasn’t eating enough but my experience is not unusual when using his conditioning programs. I think he uses too much volume and although some of the ‘different’ exercises are good, sometimes I think he is different for the sake of it rather than just sticking to basics (make sense?).

His ideas on and use of GPP is good, and I understand that his individual sport programs (MMA, Mass gaining, and Powerlifting) work well. Certainly his attitude to training is something many could benefit from.

Although the weight % he reccomends may appear low when compared to traditional Olympic lift programs they are in line with what CT has found to be optimal with his athletes testing the Fitrodyne.

Personally I prefer CT’s stuff with some HIIT or if a sprinter stick to Charlies and you wont go wrong.

Some references to the Davies issue

That’s actually Charles Staley. Davies was something else. Anyone who was here at the time remember the Davies thing?

Although it was a topic about Staley, I sure learned some new things…

Oi, I always had the impression that T-mag was more “careful” about who writes their articles…

Go free stuff :cool:

Aye, but there are a few references to Davies in the thread. I’m sure there was something on the old board as well.