CNS Work

You stop (CNS or power work) when a personal best (PB) or near PB is performed or when intensity or technique visibly degrade." CFTS p. 30

Does Charlie mean that you cut the workout short for that specific workout or that you change the intensity or load of that portion of the mesocycle?

im not 100% sure but, i think he means he sends the athlete home.

isnt attempting a PR programed into each cycle’s workloads?

The athlete either would go home, or go lift weights, maybe mediball or tempo work, but the high intensity stuff is over for that day. It all depends on the athlete. Sooooo, the next workout doesn’t change (usually), just that specific workout.


what if the PR was in the weight room?

If the PR was in the weight room, then I would finish the workout off, but discard the exercises that target the muscle group involved in the PR, more because of risk of injury than because of CNS fatigue. Of course in the weight room, PRs are always planned, and are never a delightful surprise, like they would be on the track.