CNS question

Every sport or physical activity imposes certain stressors to the organism (the human body). One must make every effort to quantify the level of stress (either predominantly to the CNS, the muscular system, or both) which is sustained by the sportsman during sport practice and competition. “CNS work and power work are synonymous. Anytime the athlete is focusing on maximum speed and explosion or explosiveness the CNS is being taxed. Properly executed (intense) medicine ball work, starts, acceleration work, and weight work using heavy loads all represent different types of CNS work.”

What’s this mean exactly? Let’s say a basketball player goes through an hour long workout on the court, with extensive and intense work on different moves and jump shots, but these moves and shots are performed continuously and although the player is going as hard as they can for every start, stop and change of direction, it is continuous and because of this, the bursts are in a somewhat fatigued state as opposed to a full, recovered state where CNS stress is quite high. How high is the stress of this type of workout on the CNS? Is the majority of the stress on the muscles? Thanks.

CNS intensity is usually considered with a full recovery. A full effort run at only 75% top speed, but in a fatigued state, is not usually considered “maximal CNS output”. None the less, I’d say full effort at anything regardless of pb is still very taxing on the CNS.