CNS overload

Is there ever a time or a benefit to CNS overloading where the system is taxed on consecutive days or longer? I’m thinking of say the Navy seals hell week or football double or triple sessions (which last from 2 wks to close to 2 months(nfl)). Could there be a benefit to this so that maybe you would work it into a training regimen once or twice a year?


Just brainstorming training ideas!!!


Good question!

I do a 5week (4weeks hard/1week rest/test) conditioning/CNS phase in the deep depths of winter every year. This is absolute hell but sets me up to handle a lot more quality for the rest of my prep. I am surprised that no-one has replied to this yet because this is a great topic. I am very interested to hear Charlies’ views on this and anyone else’s comment.

Something that might get the ball rolling;

Is 4 hard weeks in a row too many for this type of work?


CNS and conditionning? Which is it? Wouldn’t you have to be in condition already before the high CNS demand starts?
Football training camp? Seals? Just because it IS done doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done. Think of the football training camp to “get in shape”- but the NFL players of today already ARE in shape and these camps are detrimental to the physical state they came in with.
Just post the workouts you are describing and let’s have a look.

What’s up with the patriots…where is the speed that Bill B. paid for? Why did 9 athletes fail the conditioning tests(nate newton passed this stuff…)? They look terrible!

Ok… It is conditioning (but I’m wasted neurally by the end).

I try to vary the cycle with a lot of different stimulus. Have a look and see what u think.

wk 1
M cont. w/up 10 x 100m, sprint drills, 5x60m x 4sets (2min rec/5min btw sets)
T jog/skip 4 laps, hurdle drills, 10x100m (60sec rec)/Massage
W 5 min bike warm up (weights), pool tempox10, sauna/shower H&C (bench, upper body, stomach)
T rest/sick (feeling fatigued)
F rest/sick (feeling fatigued)
S cont. w/up 10 x 100m, 1/2 jump/ 1/2 sprint drills, depth jumps into pit 4hops+jump L&R, bounds, etc (x16ish), 6x100 tempo
S cont w/up 10x100m, 10 x 100m med ball throws, (weights), tempo 10x100 (squat, leg press, side/back extension)

wk 2
M rest (still feeling sick)
T cont. w/up 10 x 100m, hurdle drills, 5x60m x 3sets (2min rec/5min btw sets) (training spikes)
W 5min bike w/up, (weights), stomach 10x30/15 snatch, clean, auxiliaries
T cont w/up 10x100m, sprint drills, 3x100m (30sec rec) x 3 (3mins rest), Shower H&C
F rest
S cont w/up 10x100m, jump drills, 1x200,250,300,300,250,200 walk back rec
S 5 min bike warm up (weights), swim 400m, sauna/shower H&C (sore left soleus) (bench, upper body, stomach)

M rest (l-soleus still sore)
T cont w/up 10x100m, hurdle drills, (dlj over 4 hrdls run 40m dlj over 4 hrdls run 40m)x3 x3sets(10min rec)
W cont w/up 10x100m, (weights), (squat, dead lift, aux)
T rest, too fatigued and tired
F jog/skip 4 laps, 10x100m tempo up small hill w/walk back recov
S cont. w/up 10x100m, sprint drills, 1x150,200,250,250,200,150 w/3min strict recov
S 5min bike w/up, (weights), tempo 6x100 (snatch, clean, sldl l+r, aux, stomach)

M rest, spa/shower H&C/Massage
T cont w/up 10x100m, (weights), Sauna/Shower H&C (bench, upper body, stomach)
W cont w/up 10x100, sprint drills, 6x110m w/3mins recov up steep hill
T rest
F 1 hr surf
S cont w/up 10x100m, sprint drills, (40mtyre+40m no tyrex4 w/2mins recov)x2 w/7mins rest btw sets, 1x150 rhythm/cadence
S cont w/up 10x100, jump drills, 6x50m cont plyo circ (bound,hl,hr,hhshhs,dlj,sprint)x2 (10min) (75secs/75secs), (weights), tempo 2x100 (squat, dead lift, aux)

M rest, spa/shower h&c Massage
T rest/w/up, stretch
W test 30/60/slj/stj
T weights test (snatch/clean/bench test) Massage
F rest
S test 150/300
S weights test (squat/deadlift)

Not much variability of stress throughout the 4 weeks, day by day. Anyone with thoughts on a means to vary the workload?