CNS Frustration

Last week I did speedwork on monday, during this session I ran about 300 meters total did 10 sprints, I had never ran that much volume before in a sprint session.Tuesday I did brazillian Ju-Jitsu and thursday I did brazillian Ju-Jitsu,I ran tempo 4 times that week,low volumes 1200 metets and under each time. Saturday and Sunday I did nothing except for abs. I’m very frustrated because I can’t seem to get my CNS to recover today is monday one week from when I last did speed and I still don’t feel like my cns is recovered enough to do speed. I feel like I lost all my explosiveness.Any tips on things I can do to recover, also I don’t think I was doing that high of a volume of high-intensity exercise can 300 meters in a session sometimes take a person a week to recover.

Is your sleep schedule fixed? Also, try contrast showers.

I go to bed aboput 2:00am and wake up at 1:00pm, I think I’m getting enough sleep.I guess I can try contrast showers.

What kind of job do you have? That sounds like college student sleeping hours. My sleep problem is usually going to bed at 2 am and getting up at 6.

Job, what job? This coming scholastic year I will be a sophmore in college. Right now I have summer break and I’m staying home with my parents. My typical day involves,computer,reading, playing with my dog,and working out.

Flash that is 2 am to 6 am,wow crazy, if I had that sleeping schedule I prolly wouldn’t be able to function.

I think you should probably try to get to fall asleep around 10 and then wake up whenever you wake up in the morning. I’m no sleep expert though, people on the board could probably explain it well.

sleep is sleep… get at least 8 hours. Some can function well on that or less and osme need more.

Some elite athletes work with 12-14 hours sleep in total each day that’s maybe 10-12 hours, and pehaps a 2 hours nap each day.
I have never heard of any great athlete getting less than 8 hours any night on a regular basis and most likely a minimum of 10.
Personally I reccomend 10 hours and a nap maybe if you can get it, on average - 12 is great if you can get it.

Our bodies are more intelligent than we give i credit. Ask yourself whyyou sleep in the first place and you realize its a natural instinct when the system is tired. when you are well rested how easy is it to fall asleep? Not easy I would guess!! So there is no set amount of time to slep per night. Only your body knows. A was person told me when i asked this very same question, sleep until you can’t sleep anymore. If you still want to role over and sleep more when trying to awake you probably should. If when you wake up you feel refreshed and ready to challenge the day you’ve probably had enough. Let your body tll you how much sleep you need. it knows even better than “you” how much work its had. Listen to it and you can’t go wrong.