CNS fatigue

OK… the last three days of my training have been real high intensity.
Thursday: very hi int. plyo’s from boxes (alot of volume). Followed by 5x150 (3min rec) avg. 17.5s
Friday: Weights-8 exercises (5 compound) 3x5-12 reps.
Saturday: Hi intensity running drills, 20 four stride long jumps (from box), 5x100 (90sec rec) avg 12s (indoor bend)

I felt a hell of a lot of muscle soreness BUT my CNS didn’t take the beating I expected - I felt I was still firing at 90%. I know it takes more of a beating the higher the standard, but my plyometric ability is very high so would expect to really deplete the CNS.

It seems my CNS stores can regenerate to about 90% within 24hours and therefore while in the ‘hard’ phase of training I can get away with consecutive days at Hi Int, before going to Hi Lo when the program tapers.


I’d say don’t overthink it too much and go with it. If you can get away with a lot of high intensity training without a suffering performance then do it. You’re going to be able to generate training adaptations mroe quickly! What I would say though is in the early stages be very observant for any performance drop offs, so you’re able to back off training before it is too late. I’m sure you know all that already. Is that Sean’s plyo session on the the Thursday night?

Yea - i was Sean’s legendary plyo’s ha! I’ll just cut the session if the performance drops-off… however, one session a week is going to be a sharp, 100% quality speed session so I’ll defo go low or rest the day before that…