CNS fatigue

Please forgive me here if this is a simple or redundant question…
(yes, I have done a search on the subject)
I have managed to train myself into CNS fatigue. My “snap” in my sprints/starts & lifts has disappeared & I am tired all the time.
What is the best way to recover from this… rest/nutrition recommendations??
I am just tired & my brain is not helping so I am looking to you guys

Lower volume and intensity of sped work for a 10 day period.
As far as nutrition b-12 may help and extra sleep.

And in the gym too, don’t keep pushing it, go into maintenance if you’re not already. Are you doing more then 3 speed or lower body sessions a week?

Thank you for the quick responses!
I started b-12 a couple of days ago, I find it helps when my old calf injury flares up & swells as well.
I am trying to rest more, I am in 2 days of total rest just trying to get where i can actually get moving again.
As for volume… I can lower that, I am at the stage of training that I am gearing up for racing & to begin more starts/drive outs… should I still do that as long as it’s not for more than 20m? Or is that too high of intensity (okay… it’s max intensity but can I do it anyhow?)
I have been 3X weights/week, 2 sprint sessions & 1 start session plus 2 plyo sessions (been so tired, only managed 1/week)& this obviously needs to be cut down…

Dude, just a quick question…why are you doing 3 weight sessions a week and only 2 sprinting sessions? In my opinion after your two days of total rest change your ratios around, your weightlifting should never take precedence over your sprinting. If you train while your CNS is fatigued, you are not developing speed, and actually may not be developing anything. You may be taking two steps backward if intensity cannot be reproduced or built upon. Keep in mind speed=intensity, explosiveness=intensity, technique=intensity. If the volume of your workouts are so high as to keep you from being intense, what is the use in doing the workout anyway? Unless, possibly you do the 400m, may be a slight exception there?

You’re right…
I have planned to cut back on volume (very hard to do on the ego, I think).
My start session is another sprint session so it was 3 + 3 but that is obviously too much for my bod. The plyos also put me over the top.

I mean, it also depends on your weight sessions too. It might be worth scrapping some weight exercises and throwing in Plyos with the weight days to have a more efficient ratio and a contrasting effect. PLyos you should be ok with 1-2 sessions a week depending on the contact volume and intensity. Cutting back on volume momentarily itself will make you faster if you are already over-reaching. Lets not forget providing the stimulus is not what gets the results. The compensation afterwards is what makes you faster, swifter, stronger, more explosive (fill in the blank with any word to desribe a beast athlete). Remember that over everything! It’s the difference between a blister and a calus. If appropriate volume of skin contact is given, the skin can thicken and develop the ability to withstand great pressure and rubbing. If too much skin contact is given at once, the skin begins to develop liquid between the cells and eventually upper layers of skin die with no protection to underlying flesh. Start to look at your training this way…lol.

When do you do plyos, on a speed/weights day or on a tempo day?

Thanks Velo… never had my body compared to a puss oozing blister before (HA!!!).
I get the point, tho.
I am freaky strong (I mean that… for a girl, it is sick how strong I am) so I know I can sacrifice a weight session without a huge problem.
I agree with the plyos. Right now they are scheduled for 2 sprint days but next week it changes to a heavy weight day & a sprint day.
You know how when your body starts to get this fatigued & your brain just can’t sort it out?? That’s where I have been. All the help is appreciated.