CNS Fatigue in beginners

Provided the volume is low enough, can beginners train more frequently than elite athletes? Nothing extreme, but I ask because time is a valuable commodity, and it will be hard to train weights and sprint work in the same day. Is it feasible (or advisible, for that matter) to train weights one day, and sprint work the next? I am not a sprinter, per se, but I am going to start hitting the track, and would like some advice. I bought CFTS, and am trying to extrapolate what I can from it, but I am new to sprinting, and am a little behind the curve.

Also, what are your suggestions for volume of acceleration & tempo work for me. I would classify my level of fitness as low to moderate, as I don’t do much but lift right now. I was thinking:

Accel: 5 x flying 30m; full recovery (2-5 min)
3 x flying 50m; full recovery
Med ball work (~ 30 throws)

Tempo: 5 x 100; 1 min rest
3 x 200; 2 min rest
1 x 400; cool down

EDIT: Right now, I am planning on 2 accel, 3 tempo days; I am going to change my split to 2 upper (1 limit strength, 1 hypertrophy) and 1 lower, as to accomodate my track work. I will be working on about a 10 day microcycle (like I said, I am not a sprinter, so I don’t have meets to run). I will try to have 1 day off every 4 days or so.

I’ve just finished 1 week based on the following idea from David W.

M. Speed, Plyo, Dynamic lifts
T. Limit lifts
W. Tempo
T. Speed, Plyo, Dynamic lifts
F. Limit lifts
S. Tempo
S. Rest

I have altetered it slightly to fit my personal priorities, I’m not a sprinter either but use sprints in my training. I will do this for 3 weeks then switch for 4 weeks to a program with a bit more rest then back to this again.

I’m definitely not using plyos yet; what is your volume like? How many speed sets do you do? Less than a standard Westside routine? I would think that DE Box Squats and sprints the same day would destroy me…

As I said I altered it to fit my goals which are general fitness, due to where I live (right by a beach that I do my sprints on) and training at home.
This is what I did last week.

Day 1
100 yards x 10
recovery is walk back between runs then I walk home which is about 7 or so minutes and then do a weights session.
Hang snatch work to 3RM, 90 sec RI , 6 sets
Hang clean work to 3RM, 90 sec RI, 5 sets
DE Squat 5 x 3, 60 sec RI
Speed situps 3 x 40, 60 sec RI

Day 2
Bench to 3RM 180 sec RI, 9 sets

3 circuits with 90 sec rest between sets, 5 reps per exercise
Bent press

Day 3
Power snatch x 10 singles, 60 sec RI
Power clean and press x 10 singles, 60 sec RI

Olys were at around 70%1RM and really used as form and warmup for bike ride which immediately followed
Bike x 60 mins

Day 4
100 yards x 10

Static start power snatch from mid thigh, 80% of 3RM from day 1 x 4 x 3, 90% of 3RM from Day 1 4 x 3, 90 sec RI

Static start power clean from mid thigh, 80% of 3RM from day 1 x 4 x 3, 85% of 3RM from Day 1 4 x 3, 90 sec RI

DE bench, 5 x 3, 60 sec RI

SB ab rollouts 3 x 15, 60 sec RI

Day 5
Squats work to 3RM, 180 sec RI, 10 sets

3 circuits with 90 secs between sets
SLDL (5 reps)
BB hack squat (5 reps)
Sicilian crunches (12 reps)

Day 6
Same as day 3

Day 7

None of the workouts were very long and I was never shattered after completing them.