Clyde Hart weight program

In the USA Track and Field Coaching Manual, in the 400m section Clyde Hart suggests performing 30 mins of traditional weight lifting, consisting of 1, 13 rep set of each exercise.

Does anybody know if this is the program he actually uses? Does anybody have evidence to suggest otherwise?


no idea…maybe a typo???1 13 rep set…

I’m not saying that it’s bad advice, but he’s probably picked up his strength training ideas from a good strength coach. If I was working with a 400-meter athlete and I needed advice on the run, Clyde Hart’s the man I would see. Hopefully top coaches like Coach Hart realize the need to use a strength coach for what he’s good at. It’s important to realize our limitations and not try to do too many jobs at once. Damn sport-specific or SPARQ coaches are trying to mix the two (the sport and the training) and they’re going to end up creating a sport based on combine evaluations similar to the decathlon. Or have they already?

Hart doesn’t develop the weights programmes for his athletes. The strength coach at Baylor tends to.

The weights are pretty basic from what i can understand and more circuit like than anything else. Although towards the of each exercise they get reasonably heavy.

They don’t periodize either.

I’ve seen a Baylor strength coach contribute to the Supertraining forum so i would imagine that he might be the s&c coach involved, but I don’t really know.

can it be true? one set for world class speed? could HIT be finding its way into the world record books?

LOL Far from it. the work they do has a rediculous number of sets. Sorry …

Do you know of their real workouts then?

i was being sarcastic. although all i have seen on this thread is 1 set, 13 reps and “circuit” type of format. without more detail, sounds similiar to the HIT philosophy.

Sorry I gave you the benefit of the doubt and thought you were trying to be ironic :slight_smile:

That was some one making a guess without any evidence. From what I understand their weights start off at 12 reps at a light weight dropping reps and increasing the weight as the sets progress till they’re at a single rep.

thanks. that makes much more sense. i think there is an article posted not too long ago trying to imply that weight training for the hart camp was very traditional and used set/rep ranges of the “muscle and fitness” nature: 3x10. again, this seemed a bit too simplistic for my taste. can shed any light to the accuracy of this?

From the discussions I’ve had their weights are quite simplistic. Last year MJ told me his rep scheme was basically 12,10,8,6,4,2. With minimal rest, starting off around 40% and finishing quite close to max.

Their theory (which I think sounds a little misguided) was that by keeping the reps high they could get michael strong without him adding too much weight … which is quite funny because he also said after 96 he started getting too heavy and had difficulty with added bulk.

interesting. seems the percentage progression may have caused more hypertrophy, a more bodybuilder effect, than to develop strength since sets 4 and 2 are the only ones providing more of the proper stimulus. do you know the type of lifts they use? i am guessing they stayed away from oly’s. doing sets of 12, 10, and 8 with oly’s will get that heart rate booming!

Yeah, no oly’s. Squat, single leg squat and deads.

I was thinking exactly the same thing as you. But alot of american coaches seem to believe that more reps with a lighter weight will give you strength without weight.

i suppose if the percentages are low, but then where is “strength” being built? no oly’s? what about resisted jumps or somthing else that may resemble power movements?