Close grip bench

Why should a sprinter not do this exercise. It has to be the best excercise for tricep strength ? Any thoughts? HSI performs these type of exercises?

Remember, the weight lifting is general in nature. Therefore, emphasizing triceps more than pecs won’t make much difference as far as sprinting performance in concerned. However, I personally find a closer grip to be easier on my shoulder. I believe the West Side group also emphasizes closer grips to minimize elbow strain as well.

Another reason the West siders perform incline presses is that they found that performing one type of maximum effort exercise for a few weeks (ie. flat bench press) caused them to improve for awhile and then plateau. They now rotate maximum effort exercises, sometimes incline presses, floor presses, dumbell presses etc. If your bench is stuck at the same level, I don’t see anything wrong in switching to inclines for awhile. Anyone else do this?