Clemson, the danger room and his lab rats....

Last week i snuck in the back door and hid in the rafters of the danger room to watch one of clemson’s workouts with his lab rats. What i saw was a bunch of great athletes working hard on a few basic movements and having fun doing it. All of them were in great shape and clemson actually practices what he preaches in the weightroom. They all had great form on all lifts and also practiced pre/post training nutrition. It was a pleasure to watch. What i want to know Clemson is, how was the movies???


Thanks for stopping by…I think you showing up made a big impact on energy. They were all excited to meet you. Just so you know the Movie never happened…but it will be continued Wednesday! I will swing by your place and let’s get going on speed workouts for football players this summer!

What we all really want to know Frit - “Is he really that hairy?”