any of you jump when doing cleans? (your feet actually leave the ground then hit the ground hard)
this is how i was taught to do them and i seem to get the most explosion out of them by doing it this way…

I think it depends on the person. Technically speaking if you have good technique, you should be able to powerclean more from the ground, because of the 2 accleration phases and the double knee rebend.

I don’t jump. I teach athletes to get full extension on lift. If they jump I don’t mind as long as it is up, as long as it is not backwards or forwards, and it happens later in lift not early.

I jump but its more to do with the fact that after full extension of the hip/knee/ankle, the excess power makes me go airbourne, rather than jumping for the sake of jumping.

Elite lifters don’t jump. Infact some don’t even raise onto the toes! This allows a quicker movement under the bar. For your purposes jumping may be more specific but it won’t allow you to lift maximum poundages.

But Elite lifters do squatcleans which is more about how fast you can squat under the bar rather than how high you can pull it.


I think its important to distinguish between jumping and ‘replacing’ the feet (i.e moving the feet out from the narrow pulling position to the wider squat/receive position).

Remember if you’re off the ground you cannot exert a force against the bar…

Yes but when you leave the ground your hips, knee and ankle joints should all be fully extended anyway, and the bar propelled upwards.

Sure you may lose arm pull power - not a biggy anyway :slight_smile:

Chris T. suggested that athletes jump and OL lifters pull back, I think. I guess if athletes are using high enough poundages they don’t have to actually jump but go upwards.
Unfortuneately that series of articles Chris did for ironmag isn’t available anymore since he signed with testosterone.

Seems to me that if your feet are getting significantly off the ground, then you are not pulling enough weight. I think you should attempt to “jump”. It is an excellent coaching cue for the power clean, but if you are getting more than a inch or so off the ground, you are probably going too light.


If your training around the 85% area, your feet will leave the ground. The only time mine don’t are when I do cleanpulls, which are way heavier than my powercleans.

I’ve seen freeze frame pics of Chris T doing olylifts, and his feet leave the ground by a good margin, and he’s not using what I call light weights, although they maybe light for him :slight_smile:

CT power snatching

there’s a polish guy at my gym who use to compete in olympic lifting, was at a level just below olympics in his prime (he’s at least in his late 40’s) he tells me to push through my heels.

plus if you’re doing a power clean you have to get the bar higher than if you do a full clean.

so depending on how you perform the lift that should determine elevation.

Dr. Mike Stone said the elites do jump-back. This is why it appears they are not at all leaving the ground because their heels stay fairly low to the ground but it is merely because they are jumping backwards. They are using their bodyweight, in this instance, to pull the bar rather that just pure power/force that was used in the first pull. This is not something that you would want to coach beginners or novices to do. Still, like the double knee bend, some will do it naturally.

CT is using a V light load (Vs his max) - 70/80K?

Again there is a big difference between jumping and replacing the feet. When you see lifters with their feet off the floor their knees/hips are flexed

Check a video of the man and watch the ankle extension (minimal).

I seem to remember Chris T saying that some countries teach athletes to jump (Bulgaria if my memory serves me), some perform flat footed, some rise on toes.

In my experience, with lighter weights I end up in the air, with heavy weights I just rise to my toes.

I know Vanev on the Ironmind Bulgarian tape definitely jumps, in his powercleans and power snatches.
He powercleans 150kg like butter, so snappy!
Actually all the Bulgarians on that tape do, even on near limit squat versions

Same as Kolecki doing the mid thigh powersnatches, even on his top set of 110kg, his feet leave the ground , and you can hear the foot stomp.

When I jump in oly lifts, it’s not because I’m consciously thinking of doing so, it just happens because of the explosion of the 2nd pull. I’m no expert on oly lifts, but If you consciously try to stay on the ground, I feel your limiting the max power you can exert on the bar for sports training that is.

When one jumps back there IS ankle extension. The heels just don’t come up high since the body is moving BOTH horizontally and vertically. This is what Stone said from a biomechanical analysis that I believe the IWF did.

What % of your power clean should you be able to hang clean.

If you train it 100%+!