Clean and Snatch - Power vs Full version

In most people’s weight programs I notice that people use the power variations of these movements which require less of a drop to catch the weight. I’m just wondering if there are any advantages/disadvantages for training with the full squat variations of these exercises rather than the power variations?

It requires more technical proficiency, so most coaches simply avoid doing them. The tool itself (in this case, a full snatch or clean) is only good if the carpenter knows how to use it.

Also becomes harder to judge progression with the complete lifts because of other factors such as a faster drop/ lower catch.

Mastering the bottom position requires much more work. I wouldn’t recommend training the bottom position for sprinters unless they are supervised by an experienced weightlifting coach. It’s easier to make mistakes in the bottom position. A lot more injuries can happen in the BP. Snatch balance or a deep catch from a push press is a safer alternative.

It’s likely that most of the advantage to be gained from such lifts is in the extension/highest point of the pull making a deep catch position to be much less important or necessary.