Classifying that favorite workout

Everyone has that favorite workout that love and trust, however it may not accomplish the desired result with the slightest change. Herein lies the 1st example:

500 Breakdowns are extremely popular, right? During SPP, is it or is it not a tempo workout if the intensity is kept below 70%. I have done them before at 80-85% with almost full recovery(10-15 min) which I know changes the workout…but to what??

It changes it to intensive tempo.

Thanks Jimmay!

For some reason I seem to love doing 4*300m with full recovery, really feel the lactic straight after the session-feel like i’ve worked…

i did my first special endurance session of the year last friday. the workout was 2-3x300 at 95% with 15 mins recovery. The first we hit in 36.8 and 36.7 for the second. these were done indoors. There is no way we would of been able to do another one even after a half hour.

I love top speed workouts (flying 30’s etc) :slight_smile:

i go for ladders: 4-3-2-1-1-2-3-4 or some variation of it in early season.

Got to be extensive tempo but why such a big ladder and what do you get out of it?

yes it is big… coaches have used it with me early in the season just to get in shape and get back into track workouts after doing other stuff in the pre-season. i don’t know whether or not it is especially effective, it’s usually at a pretty solid pace, not tons of rest, but not fast enough to be too far out of comfort zone.
we sometimes taper down ladder workouts like that to 3-2-1-1-2-3 or even shorter and do them quick and timed for pacing. they are long, but it feels great when you finish!


Speed Endurance workout…great workout. Usually about 8mins b/t reps. Try it, I love it. Maybe not as hard as others, but very effective. I’m always feeling this one.

I don’t think it’s too much. We have few different ladders such as the one posted, but they never seemed to be too much. The only difference was that we would only do one 100m. (400-300-200-100-200-300-400) And there done at Ext Tempo pace. But back to the subject, my favortite Tempo workout is 10x200. Don’t ask why. My favorite “fast” workout is 5x150. I love that distance for going fast. We would either start at the 200 start line and finish 50m into the straight or start on the curve and finish at the finish line. Either way it’s a fun day. Those are the days where the 100/200 guys and the 200/400:cool:guys start talkin trash to each other. Really fun to watch as well.

Oh yeah. I’ll talk smack to a short sprinter anyday :smiley:

And the 100-200m distance is great for training for fast days. I do agree.

I did an awesome session on thursday. It was 200 down to 130 in 10m increments with a walked lap recovery, and each run was quicker than the previous run. Definitely feeling that one straight afterward!!!