Clarifications and Transitioning

I was wondering if somone could give me a brief description of the different training phases. I could assertain from the posts and archives that there are at least 4 phases. I’m not clear on the purpose of all of the phases, but I’m sure that somone does.

GPP general prep phase
SPP special prep phase
CP competition phase

These are the phases that I could remember, but I know there’s more.

How would any of you recomend transitioning from Cross Country to the faster sprints 200-400 (and 800 when the team needs me). Right now those are my target events, and I feel very confident that I’ve improved loads off my freshman PRs (24.03, 53.2, and 2:10)

I’m planning the phases of a weight training program and a speed program to help my transition from cross country to track. Hopefully, the xc season won’t kill all of my precious fast twitch muscle fibers.

My general plan right now is to work on my acceleration in the earlier half of the season while still trying to maintain my formidable aerobic endurance. I’m running about 18:01 in the 3mile right now, with still 5 weeks left in the season for improvement.

My strengths are endurance, and maintaining my form/relaxation at top speed.
My weaknesses are a pitiful start and a tendency to wiggle my left hand when tired :smiley:

Any help on transitioning from xc to track would be welcome, and clarifications would be a godsend.