Circle Weights VS Hexagonal Weights

I have a problem/question. I don’t know why but many gyms coast to coast have changed over to the all black 45 pound plates that are covered in plastic with the gay handles.

I’m just having a hard time using those weights, they just don’t sit right on my back and they don’t make the pleasant familiar sound that the circular iron weights do. They are TOO quiet!

I remember reading in Supertraining that the circle iron weights were superior due to geometry. In simple terms it said that due to the shape of the weight it tries to move differently along the coarse of the lift and this is exactly what I’m feeling and I HATE IT! 450lbs feels like 600!

Do any of you guys have this problem?

Uhhh! Why do people need to change things that work! I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about renting out a storage space and setting up a small gym just for myself. Most gyms today are TOO clean, TOO nice and TOO PC and I just can’t stand it.

My main problem with the octagonal plates is when doing deadlifts or cleans. They rotate slightly out of line with the plane of the floor, which causes the bar to move out of line when you set it back on the floor. Having a couple hundred pounds come back and wack your shin is not pleasant.

Having 1 pair of 45 lb. bumper plates will offset this. This stick out slightly more than the octagonal plates.

Would that my gym had some. I can’t remember the last time I saw bumper plates in a gym. Sad.

Are you going strictly to commercial gyms? Most non-commercial gyms I’ve been to (majority of high schools and colleges) have bumper plates available.

There are great gyms and rat holes. Sometimes the best equipement is where you might least expect it.
If this is a real problem I am sure you more than capable solving it.

My gym has a few world class powerlifters and as a consequence I have bands, chains, sleds, fat bars, safety squat bars, and other nice gadgets available to me. I haven’t seen bumper plates in anything other than high schools, colleges, and private training facilities. Sucks, because when one of my kids misses a 250+ clean, its loud and owners frown upon that. Scares the average lifter. Hate hex plates. Could just be my superstition though. I am old school to the bone when it comes to my bars, barbells, and plates. Ange is right, you can stumble onto some gems to train at. My advice, follow the powerlifters. They make the best choices in weights and equipment on the whole.

Like you guys have said, I have been in some top of the line commercial gyms, great high school, college, and pro gyms. And then I’ve been in some rat holes like angela calls it. Honestly sometimes I like the rat hole cause they make me inprovise and just get down and dirty. The PRETTY commercial gyms, people look at me like Im crazy when I clean and do overhead squats.

I just want to update this…

Although I still stand by the circular weights for said reasons, part of the reason why my weights seemed so heavy was due to eating poor nutritious foods.

Basically, I have an addiction to pasta and pizza and I slipped into the habit of eating that stuff for too long. Well, I started eating chicken and buffalo meat and my strength went back up.

I know, most commercial gyms don’t even have a section for doing cleans. I take it that’s part of the reason why they call gyms today, “wellness centers” or “fitness centers”.