chronology of a 100 meter sprint

Hi guys,

I am trying to consolidate the cues and imagery from start to finish in the 100 meter race. Please add/edit/critique anything I have posted as I know I am missing a lot!

Set up blocks (Make sure you have a 90 degree bend in the lead leg and ~118-135 degree bend in the rear leg verified in practice long before the meet)

On your mark - Settle into the blocks just as you do in practice, head down and relaxed

Rise slowly and evenly
Weight evenly distributed between hands and feet
Head relaxed and hanging down
Concentrate on what you are going to do with your lead hand - dont listen for the gun

Gun goes off

Start should be automatic with lead arm flying up

think about your arms for the first phase (so you dont fall on your face!)

exhale as you accelerate

as you transition upright concentrate on your lane only and think about your arms and the “down” of the elbows, fluidity of motion and the sensation of flying over the ground.

Relax as you approach the finish and look past the finish about ten meters ahead

I know there is a lot more and I am probably doign some stuff wrong haha.


Cover your ears when the gun goes off.

Maybee their coach knows something we dont know about that tactic…

Charlie, any scientific reasoning behind the ear covering technique?:mrt:

Francis writes:

Check the race description in Speed Trap.

Did you mean “The Running” chapter if you didn’t
I don’t have that section in my “Speed Trap” book.

I have read this book 30 times on my 31st time right now.
I know every chapter inside out hahah

Let me know if I’m missing a chapter.


Kenny Mac~~

Great post!
One thing for the set position: Inhale.

thanks added that to the list…

On your mark…set (breath in), trigger arm out…Run like stink!!!

I like Ben’s reply " when the gun goes off, the race be over" or something to that effect. That is of course after he takes a breath and than holds it…

Check the race description in Speed Trap.

Speed Trap- The Running

OOOOkkkkk, I was scared for a minute haha


Kenny Mac~~