Chris6878's journal.

Are you still training?

yep got a meet today ant tommorrow. just Qualified for the semi with a seaon pr of 11.2 lol. But I cut it off so I am ready to run faster .

Sweet! Goodluck…

2x5x100 all in 15-16 secs last one was 14.8

weight room
bent rows
pull downs

How did your race go?

bad. I had my same blocks i use at practice in the prelim then in the semi they switched and gave us some old ass un adjustable blocks. lol my start destroyed my whole raceplus the -3 wind didnt help

Yeh, Yeh, why not pack it in for the season.

why? I had a season pr in the prelim cutting it off the last 10 meters. that was my 10.9. plus i got a few more meets left. I only ran like 5 meets this season. lol. Im gonna train straight through taking a week break here there. Im off i got nothing but time on my hands. Plus I need to look good for the beach and various theme parks.

I was studying the tape of my prelim race and i have discovered one of my problems. the leg were i ripped my quad is not outputting the same amount of power as my left. When running i get full extension when my left leg is down. when my right is down i get alot less. for example my knee lift on my right leg is good the knee lift on my left isnt as good because i cant apply the same amount of force with my right leg.

I started doing single leg hops over hurdles. left leg clears easy right leg barely clears.

3x30 bs
2x60 flys 10m run up 6.3 6.3

med ball overhead x5
single leg hurdle hops 2x5 each leg
h hops 5x5

weight room
3x315 after warmup with 225 and 275 sq
3x3x185 hc

1: Thought you had meets on Sat and Sun? Was both meets shitty?

2: Thought your job didn’t hinder your training, so being off for the summer shouldn’t matter?

3: How will single leg hh help?

4: You should post the race.

yea ill up load it. i was trying to send it to u.
the prelim was saturday the semi on sunday
I need to start building power in my right leg
my job is alot better than most jobs for training but u can beat being off work. Think about what you just said.

The point I was trying to make is your job is very low intensity vs cutting grass for 12hrs. Get up at 6am and work from 730-230!!

Yea vs cutting grass, but is it a riding lawnmower?

5x100 3x150 tempo
weights bp, curls, pull downs, rows, pushups

got some flag football today. was supposed to have a time trial today but everyone started backing out. Amazing how once summer hits people stop training.

tempo 10x100 was sore a lil from the flag football
weights, bp,curls, pull downs, pushups, pull ups and bent rows

speed day
3x30 bs
2x120 stand 14.00 13.28
3x10 h hops
after the first one my partner pointed out to me that i got into my relaxation phaase much too early like as soon as I got off the curve. On the next one I set up a cone at 65 meters on the strait. I hit it all the way to the cone then tried to relax. I couldnt maintain the relaxation and i died the last 5 meters. I think i discovered one of my problems.

weight room
2x5x225, 2x3x315, 1x3x365 sq
1x3x135, 2x3x185 hc

Why are your 120’s so slow?

Maybe because ive been running slow, just like me saying why are your 100’s so slow?

UMMM, not really. They are slow but I could probably beat you running backwards.

keyword probably meaning you arent sure of yourself. You already lost.

speed day. Didnt have alot of time to train so i had to make it quick
2x20 2x30 bs
4x30m stand

The first one i was a lil off. I got it together by the last one.