Chris6878's journal.

Due to inclement weather, Saturday’s action at the TSU Relays, hosted by Texas Southern University, was canceled.

Glad I didn’t go to this meet…

was it cold or just raining?

Both, hs kid ran the fastest 100 so far into headwind.

1 Redrick, Philip Texas Southern 10.86q -2.3 3
2 Sweeney, Isiah Univ of Houston 10.89q -2.8 2
3 Carrier, Tyron Univ of Houston 10.93q -2.3 8
4 Gray, Jarryd Prairie View 11.03q -2.3 3
5 Benjamin, Jamil Kansas City CC 11.09q -1.8


1 Franks, Trey Orange West 10.87q -3.3 5
2 Hicks, Jaylon Galena Park 11.05q -3.0 15
3 Powell, Shaun El Paso El Dorado 11.06q -1.7 13
4 Cornett, Tim Galena Park 11.18q -3.3 5
5 Gibson, Zerrick Houston Yates 11.22q -4.5 8

My boy just ran 10.6 in prelims at ASU, his best 60m indoors was 6.98. I feel good about all this tempo work!!

lol. Is he also doing alot of tempo work?

Yep. No speed. His two butter and bread workouts are 3x300 in spikes full speed and 3x150 in spikes full speed. Damn man I hate schools that charged you per entry, 30 bucks just to race in 2 events.

Its been like that here. Except the fee is generally a flat 30 and run as much as you like.

That’s a lot, I’m use to running for free.

5x100 for warmup
first set 50,30,14
second 52,33,14.5.
rest was walk a 150 and 6 to 7 mins between the set.
Shit hurt but felt good later on.

Depletion pushups-90,45,38

Slow ass times, need to get those 300’s in the 40sec range. I’m joking man.

damn for tempo. My legs was still sore from the meet plus i was in my warmups. If i had ran that fast i would have crapped out on one set. lol

Those pushups look kinda high, if you went with CF example they should have looked like >>90-45-22…

2x30 bs
60,80,120 standing
3x sand pit jumps

weight room
pclean 3x135 3x185, 3x2x225
squat 2x4x315

felt good today.

Yea I was surprised I got to 38 on the last set. I started cramping in my tri’s


warmup and stretch

2x10 2x20 bs shakeout
2x150 cool down and stretch.

I did this workout cause I have to go to my parents house to fix there pc. I then have to head to orlando on saturday to run. So i will be in the car for 2 roadtrips. wanted to make sure im loose. I was a lil tight before i worked out today. I felt great after.

You racing this saturday?

yep ucf. you running

Damn it man. Another disapointing meet. I ran the same time as last meet 11.3. I felt great. I dont remember much from the race. I felt I got good knee lift, but shit Am I getting old? This shit is embarrising. I got old coaches that used to see me when i was running fast now asking me what happened you should be pro by now. I got young cats I used to blow up now blowing me up. They say the same thing “what happened”. lol

Im taking 3 weeks off to train. Im gonna hit a max strength block. I am also gonna bang out some intensive tempo work along with some flys and alot of work in between 60-150 meters. Gonna kill plyos and med ball.

11.3 with 2.4 tailwind is worst then last week but at least your 200 is better. The last thing you need right now is a max strength block.

well that wind was in my face out the blocks but I guess it was swirling. either way its a slow time.