Chris Travis' journal

Age: 19 1st year u23
height: 5,ft 7

2008 season:

100m:- 11.99 FAT
200m:- 24.54 FAT

2009 season:

60m :- 7.42 FAT
100m:- 11.57 FAT
200m:- 23.47 FAT

Ok i felt making a journal would be good to see how i progress this season, and to share with you guys my training. Hoping for some serious improvments this season!

Ok for the past 3 weeks I have been given this training which was to last for a 4 week block, now approaching the final week.

2 X Tues sessions which you rotate:
250,300,350,300,250, 200m recovery is 100m walk which should be 4 mins
4x4 100m 90 sec recovery - 200m walk between set which should be 7 mins

2 x Thurs sessions which you rotate:
6 x 300m 70% 4 mins recovery
8 x 200m 2 minrecoveryry

Sunday sessions:
Full drills including hurdle walks then:
4 x 8 min runs
4 x 4 sets back to back 60m with 30 sec, 25 sec 20 sec between each run and 2,3,4 minutes per set

I do upper body weights on a tuesday and thursday and then lower body on a monday and wednesday.

my weights programme looks like this.

Upper body:- 3x10 on all exercises.

chin ups - bodyweight (could probably belt weight on as these are quite easy)

rows - cable machine

bench press - 70kg
shrugs - 24kg DB
DB shoulder flies- 10kg DB

lower body:-

squats 15,12,10,10 70kg,80kg,90kg,100kg
deadlifts 4x6 80kg

What phase are you in. Will you be doing any cleans?

This 4 week block is what some would call " building an aerobic base", would this come under GPP? my group has just come off of our month off a few weeks ago. I was going to include cleans after this 4 week block, do you think i should add them as another excercise or drop the deadlifts and replace them with cleans? my coach last winter made us replace deadlifts with cleans after the first 4 weeks.

Also what order would you do the weight excercises in? If it even matters. e.g. cleans followed by squats?

You could replace Deadlifts and Shrugs with Cleans, yes. In part at least, giving a transition period, if needed. Upright Rows may help during this period. I would also use some Shoulder Presses, as time goes by (e.g., as a progression/alternative to Flies). It would be good to consider Reverse Leg Press, Hypers, etc, too.

I like deads so I wouldnt drop them.
I do mine in this order
Cleans, Bench, squat
Cleans, bench, dead

would the sholder presses be more draining on the CNS compared to the flies? or does it not really matter too much at this point of training?

Don’t worry about it! :cool:

would you reccommend i do full body weights twice a week or split it as i have? im thinking on the grounds of CNS recovery but is that such a factor during this period of training ?

excellent :slight_smile:

Also what would you guys say are realisitic targets to set myself for next season over the 60, 100 and 200 ? If I should even set them at all? do you think a sub 11 is ever possible not for next year but lets say by the end of u23?

it depends on u. If you think you can handle it go for it. If not then split them. Im am about to start splitting mine.

Hmmm I think I’ll keep mine as a split i find it really takes it out of me if i really rack up the volume in the gym.

today i done back to back 60ms 4 sets of 4 recovery 30 secs,25,20then 2, 3 , 4 mins between sets. wirked up quite a sweat but not too difficult.

spoke to my coach today training offically starts on the 2nd of october (GPP). Until then just doing some stuff to build an aerobic base.

today done 6x 300 with 4 minutes rest, i must say it was quite a struggle, serious jelly legs and form breaking down in the last 100m !


cleans 5x 60kg 5x65kg 5x65kg
bench 3x10 75kg,80kg new p.b :slight_smile: 75kg
seated rows on cable machine 3x10

today we started our GPP. We had hills runs.

warmup up with drills. 5 reps today, trying to increase a rep every week i tihnk the eventual goal is 10 runs. the hill is about 50- 60m in total.

this was painful. lactic acid at the end ! i forgot what that felt like lol.

its been a while since i updated my journal but to bring you up to date. on the 3rd of december i ran in the south of england student championships for 60m and ran a p.b of 7.3 and in my heat i ran 7.4. last year when i run this comp i ran 7.5 so im very happy with my results ! my first proper indoor race will be london indoor games on the 29th and 30th on january. followed by the essex indoor championships the weekend after. both of these i will be doubling up ( 60m and 200m).

my 6 week training block consists of change of pace stuff over 60m, blocks, some speed/ speed endurance e.g. 60,80,100,120 and 1x60m,2x200m,1x60m.