Chris Travis' journal

ok so yesterday was my first offical race of my indoor season. my first race i false started which really messed up my reaction and i got left in the blocks. i ran 7.42. in the 2nd round i got out better but still not happy with my first 20m. i ran 7.37.

from viewing over my race in december, two races yesterday and training videos, it appears i am losing alot of ground in the first 20m and then my top speed seems to be bring me through at the end. so starting power is an issue for me.

today i ran the 200m at my indoor county championships where i came 3rd in a time of 23.91. im not sure how to take this as my 200m p.b is 23.47. this is my first 200m of the indoor season. last year outdoor i opened up in april with 24.1 so i guess this isnt too bad but still disapointed that i am 0.44 off my p.b :frowning:

hopefully the 60m tomorrow will bring more dividends

Most people run around 0.3-0.6s slower indoors compared to outdoors.

My outdoor pb is 21.99. My indoor pb that year was 23.1x. Hard to gauge your outdoor time with an indoor one, just keep progressing!

All depends how that second curve throw you off.

i felt the guy inside of me on my shoulder and as he edged past me at the 2nd curve i just paniced and tightened up which i think really let down my 2nd curve :frowning: this happens to me every year for my first race. i think once i have a few more races i will be ok. thank you guys for your comments.

today i ran the 60m of my county championships. however yesterday afternoon i came down with a cold which had really drained my energy today. i ran 7.37 in my heat equaling my p.b and qualifying for the final. in the final i came 5th with 7.32 a new p.b !! however i am not satisfied with this time as i know if i wasnt ill i would have ran 7.2x :frowning: .

ok its been a while since i updated so to bring up to srcratch on the last 8 weeks.

training has gone the best it hhas ever been , injury free also !!

i think my times have been reflecting this. i have been getting consistently 7.2x s in training and high 17s in 150s which has destroyed my old race p.b of 18.4.

sunday i had 1x 150 and then 4x40 2 rolling 2 3point start.

monday i had a weight sess 3x10 but only like 50-60% 1rm

today i had 3x120 change of pace 40 hard 40 float 40 hard.

feeling quick and ready to race.

opening up on the 1st of may then my county champs on 8th/9th may 100 and 200 in that order.

tuesday i had 3x150s but from the 200m start.

working on my bend and transition off the bend.

was a good session felt quick.

im sure a p.b is due this weekend.

having trouble with my first 50m round the bend.

drive phase is kinda short compared to my 100m. as soon as i have to turn im coming straight up.

more work on thursday for this !

yesterday was my first run out for the season. i ran 11.6 and 23.5 into a bit of a headwind.
reaction was good in the 100 but the drive wasnt the greatest, kinda rusty. top speed and specifically speed endurance was really good. the 200m i ran a really poor first 50m and was 4th coming off the bend. again speed endurance pulled me through at the end for a 1st

hopefully next week il p.b at county champs as im on my now with 23.5 (p.b is 23.47) and 11.6 (p.b is 11.57) into a bit of a headwind also and with first race out.

my 2nd 100m of the season today, also my county champs.
weather is really rubbish ; overcast and wet.

Hopefully the wind will be on my side.

But still lets hope for somthing around p.b territory.

I ran 11.65 with a +1.0 wind and sun last season at these champs.

ok so had my heats today for 100m final got a good start out the blocks held with the guy next to me, couldnt feel anyone else near me looked over and knowone was there so shut it down at 80m , ran 11.31 +2.6 wind the guy next to me ran 10.96 kinda guttted i didnt run all the way through after that as i could of got a possible sub 11 there or just being close to it would have been awsome.

but i figured save it for the final when it counts.

putting starting blocks in for the final, they slip… a boy in my heat had already complained about the blocks slipping.

i got another pair but cudnt try them out properly coz the officals wouldnt let me run out no more than 10m so had some half hearted start.

Got in the blocks on the marks signal, set , blocks slip…

i end up 4th place and 11.28 +3.7 wind.

am so gutted… i could of got a sub 11 i know it wouldnt be legal but still a massive step for me from 11.57 last year.

top 3 got 10.88 10.91 and 10.94

yesterday was my 200m, went completely wrong. my head wasn’t in it still pretty choked up from the 100m had lane 7 didnt commit round the bend, so left too much of gap between myself and the rest. last 50m i just gave up. 23.25 +2.1 a windy p.b but a terrible run. should have been in the 22s. hopefully get my mind right again and reload.

Today ive started my GPP. Following a short to long program for the first time.

Hills: 10x10m, 10x 20m, 2x30m

3x10 squat 80 85 90kg

3x 5 reps clean 60kg

3x10 bench 50 55 60kg

incline dumbell press 3x10 20kg

dumbell row 3x10 28kg

This weekend gone was my first race of indoor season at loughborough. 7.35 for first race and 7.40 for secondd.very tight in 2nd race so just cruised throuh. Excellent start to indoors for december and a very slow track. Should be quite a pb this season :-). Staying up here to train for a few days.