How the heck do you have to be on here as a med student? Sure when I say all, it is not accurate. 98-99%.

How do I ‘have’ to be on here? Not sure I understand the question. Oh…did you mean how do I have the time? Well, it’s the end of my fourth year. Rest assured, when my intern year starts you won’t have to deal with me anymore.

My point is, you wouldn’t go to a plumber to get your roof fixed. There is a reason for subspecialization in medicine. A nephrologist may not know much about exercise, but a doc specializing in sports med or rehabilitation would (or should!).

Considering that 95% of personal trainers and so-called strength and conditioning specialists don’t know jack about exercise either, I’d say docs aren’t doing too badly with that percentage. I’ve been around many, and I’m certainly NOT speaking of the majority of the very astute people on this forum.

YIKES! Hopefully they were not doing them on wobble boards while balancing a circus seal on their nose, too?! :wink: