Chin up performance correelation with speed?

Do you believe there is a correlation between chin up performance and potential sprinting speed?

If there was, wouldn’t gymnasts win the 100m?

Haha good one Charlie :stuck_out_tongue:

I just thought that good performance on pull/chin ups wound indicate good relative strength levels of the organism (though not specific to the muscles used in sprinting- posterior chain/legs), which correlates well with greater sprinting speeds :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, you are correct! If it was true, gymnasts would be the fastest athletes :stuck_out_tongue:
Though i dont think you would easily find a good short sprinter (60/100) who would not have pretty impressive chin up/pull up numbers!

Just as a vertical jump would be a good performance indicator in short sprints! Although, as sprinting distance, the more importance leg stiffness becomes! (which still relies on strength though )