I was at the chiro today and he put Ghi-gong on my hamstring because of an injury earlier this week. It was basically just a pad with a series of vibrations. Im interested to see what you guys think about this stuff because beleive it or not it does feel better than when I went in.


can you comment on this? i will be seeing this therapist next week!!

Does Mike Clark still advocate drawing the belly button towards the spine?

I haven’t looked into the NASM resources, but I’m sure there’s some valuable information to be found. I was just curious to see if he still advocates the drawing in maneuver.

I’m suprised with this pad and vibration things about Chi Gong. I though Chi Gong was a kind of martial art / relaxation, working on the “Chi” or “Ki”, the point in wich all the body energy is centered. I did some cessions few years ago, and i found it very interesting from a sprint training poitn of view. About body and breath control, the knowledge of you sensations, about deliver all your energy in the quickest time possible… With breath control, some people can break stones with their hands.
There was also an issue about therapy things, but it was with hands, not pad vibrations.

I guess I should have exlpained it better. It was a machine like Clemson mentioned that had a pad connected to it. The pad was something like a small ping-pong paddle and and had different ryhthms of quick taps to the affected area.