Check this taper out

What do you guys think of this leading into a peak. Does this look right for a 10 day taper, or should the volumes be even lower?

Week 13 (October 18 - October 24)
Speed Total meters : 630m.
Day 1 - 280m.
Day 2 - Final Taper - light session - 250m. 2x20m. blocks, 60,70,80
Day 3 - Comp - 100m.

Week 14 (October 25 - October 31) (Peak)
Speed Total meters : 1160-1460m.
Day 1 - Final Taper - light session - 220m. blocks 10,20,30,40, 120m.
Day 2 - Final Taper - light session - 140m. blocks 2x30m, 80m.
Day 3 - Comp - 100m. heats, 4x100m., possibly 100m. final
Day 4 - Comp - 200m. heats, 4x400m., possibly 200m. final

My full plan for the next 3 months can be seen in my training journal if anyone is interested.

I don’t know?? But to me this looks too much. I mean it might work good for you. What type of volumes are you used to.

The total volume includes what I expect to run at the competition.

In all the volume during the 10 days would be :

Day 1 rest
Day 2 250m.
Day 3 rest
Day 4 100m.
Day 5 tempo
Day 6 220m.
Day 7 tempo
Day 8 rest
Day 9 140m.
Day 10 rest

Total volume : 710m. in 10 days … I thought that was very little volume.

I think we need someone else to come in here and check it. I go with very very small volumes with much easier intensities. But I’m sure some people would like to dissagree with me.

Discounting my block starts, the rest of my volume is just one or two runs in the entire session, how do you do less? Or do you mean in terms of sessions, maybe drop a session and add more rest in the taper?

No don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that you’re wrong or anything but I want some people to come and talk about it here so that I can learn a bit about it cause I’m not sure of myself. So I don’t want to miss lead you with my way. But I just said that my way is much simpler. I mean 1 or 2 runs which may be shorter with long rest and frequancey of high intensity running is less. So may be I’m wrong and may be its somewhere in between and thats why I want people to come here and talk about it so to clarify it for both of us.

You do make a good point about intensity, I was forgetting to integrate some changes of intensity (ie drop sprints from 100 to 90%) to work on technique or other factors, but I think that will mostly be done on an evaluation basis, for example when I notice I need a change of stimulus or to refresh I’ll do a workout of that type.