Charlie's Principles

Hi all,

I am going to get into sprinting but have never done it before. In preparation I have been reading quite a bit of Charlie’s stuff. I have the majority of Charlie’s products and whilst they have most definately helped, I still find myself a little confused with terms used and the training process. I haven’t viewed all of these products proparly yet but have read/ watched the majority. I just dont fully understand yet.

Firstly, from my basic gatherings this is my BASIC breakdown of a sprint programme:

L-S: describes where in the training cycle you start with longer distances and then move to shorter as you near competition. This is most suitable for people who can’t handle as greater nervous system stress.

S-L: opposite of L-S

Double/ triple periodization: Where you plan to peak either twice or three times in a year for comps

GPP: build general fitness before specific. Done at the start of the year? Shorter GPP for more advanced athletes

SPP: after GPP where you work on specific skills. SPP1 is the first SPP period in the year etc.

These are the terms I most frequently see used and whilst I know what some of them mean I dont fully understand what goes on inside them and the concept of them.

Sorry if this is embarassingly basic please may someone help me out/ point me in the right direction product wise so that I can go back over them/ is there anything on the forum to read for beginners?

Also where for example you are supposed to run at 95% of your best time, how do you know when you are running at for example 98%? I know you could time the run but then it’s too late…you have already done it once you know the time.

Many thanks!

Good questions no need to apologise. What products do you have? I am sure someone will be able to direct you to the appropriate places that will provide detailed answers.


Thankyou for your reply I appreciate it. I have most of the products apart from the tempo videos and weights for speed and a few others but I have the majority of the main ones…CFTS, Vancouver 2004 etc.

I have most products, so I would really appreciate it if someone could put me in the right direction. Are there any beginner threads…maybe from the old forum? I have searched but no luck.

Many thanks, Rob.

Where are you or your athletes right now as far as training goes? Are they ready for competition or is this the off season? Look at the lactae threshold thread and any thread in the GPP Essentials.


Thanks for the reply. I’m just a 17 year old wanting to get into sprinting and so at the moment I’m really trying to grasp Charlie’s concepts. I have a real passion for the sport and love reading up on it.

I’m not a coach…although I wish I was:).


do you have this?

Thats Exactly what I’m looking for!!! Somehow I did not see that when I was looking around the online store.