Charlie are you ok, I haven’t seen you post in a while??


Charlie was diagnosed over 5 years ago with Mantel Cell NHL.
He is currently fighting hard and we hope his fight will pay off.
This picture was taken for our 19th wedding anniversary a year ago April.

Cheers to you and thank-you for your interest and continued support.

Ange, Charlie and James

I most definitely want to wish you, Charlie and James the best of luck. Keep up the fight, Charlie!

My wishes goes out to the Francis family, keep fighting Charlie and I hope things get better in the near future!!

I was aware he wasn’t well but not the specifics. My thoughts are with you all.

Charlie, I wrote this message to you in a email a few weeks back when explained your current condition… You have influenced so many of our lives and definitely changed the way I think about training, and life in general.

My best to you, Ange, and James in your fight.


Charlie Jenks

Keep fightin charlie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I think i speak for everyone when i say theres so much more you have to teach and we have to learn from you

That’s a beautiful photo of you guys Ange. Give Charlie a huge hug from all of us! Can’t wait to get him back on line.

Charlie and family I wish you well.


I wish you all the best, get well and come back quickly to your worldwide family :slight_smile:

best of luck!

He will love the report back from all of you.
THis site was started by me on the insistence of a friend.
Charlie was adverse to computers and seemed to have no interest at the time
No one can ever take away what someone has accomplished or experienced despite political rhetoric.
This site has proven this fact.
thanks for all your comments.
Charlie and I love this photo.

charlie/angela i honestly know nothing about charlies condition but i hope to see him back soon and we all know hes a fighter. he has influenced absolutley everyone in the track and field world and has the empire of knowledge and knowhow.


My coaching career had a DRAMATIC change since I have ‘met’ Charlie on the Forum. I have learned SO much from him. I still remember the ‘thrill’ when CHARLIE himself, answered some of my NUMEROUS questions!!

Therefore, Charlie - I do hope that you will recover soon … to remain the centre of your family AND to share your knowledge with us. Although I never met you in person, it FEELS that you are a close friend. Therefore it is a sad day to read about your illness.

I do pray for you!

My best wishes for a swift and complete recovery!

I wasn’t aware that he had been sick. Get well soon Charlie. You have influenced a lot of athletes and coaches and we look forward to seeing back on the site.

Jeremy K.

All the best Charlie, our thoughts are with you.

I wasn’t aware of Charlie being ill. I wish you both best of luck. Charlie has had a HUGE influence on my sprinting career, and future coaching career. Too much has been learnt from this site that has transformed me as an athlete. Again I wish you both the best, and keep up the fight, my thoughts are with you guys.

All the best Charlie!

Good thing for us he listened to you!