CHARLIE, with EMS is it better for short but intense contractions or longer intense..

Is it better for shorter/intense contractions or longer/intense contractions?

I was doing 15sec of intense contraction with 5 sec rest.Is this any good?

With short breaks like that , you’ll get no results. Get the CFTS available on the site and go through the EMS chapter. It’'s all spelled out there, including timing, muscle groups, pad placement, placement in the training plan, etc.

Would you say its better to leave on intensely for 30 min then?

Thats fine with me if it will work better?

Dude, if you leave it on for 30 minutes straight, there’ll be nothing left of you but a grease spot!

So what is the optimal time line?

IE amount of time on/intense versus off / relax time?

The recommendations for contraction/relaxation time are in there, but read through the article.