Charlie- What is the optimum/ideal sprinting bodyweight for a 6'0 person?

Is there a way to determine the ideal sprinting bodyweight for someone 6’0 tall?

Light and strong as an ox!!!

Yes, train them until they run a world record time, then measure their body weight. You can figure that this would be pretty ideal for them :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about bodyweight. Train properly, eat properly and recover properly and everything else will fall into place.

The ideal weight is the weight of their head, limbs and torso.

It’s kinda like the question about ideal leg length.

doesn’t matter as long s your power to weight ratio is incredible!

If I remember correctly off of another website there was a sprinter on there that said the ideal weight was 170-180, if you want i can try to dig up his article.

360lbs. :rolleyes: