Charlie, Starts in Training

Im reading CFTS and I noticed standing starts are done first. Is there a reason for this?

Technique work should alwasy be done first when fresh. The only reason i can think of why is because it is the most precise and any present fatigue can throw you off.

Technique work includes but is not limited to…
-Jump approaches
-Relay handoffs

Im talking about acc. and se days, it shows standing starts are done first then from blocks.

Standing starts requires less energy than block-starts and may be done first in a training-session to increase the number of reps you can do, if emphasis is on anything else than the actual start.
That is what I believe anyway.

Numba, you play football???..

the real kind yes

I’m talking about American football. Who do you think was the quickest guy ever to where pads from 0-40yds???..

40 is really irrelevant. 40 is a toss up, but Im betting Bo Jackson, he ran a 4.14. Maybe Dieon, or Bob Hayes. Fastest, quickest on field player ever is definately barry sanders.

How do you rate James Trapp’s speed???..

The big boys wouldn’t race me, he said. I couldn’t get Rocket Ismail, Deion Sanders or Darrell Green to come out and race me. I would call them up and try to get them to come out and
challenge me, but Darrell always said no and Deion would say, ‘Why should I? I finally got Herschel Walker out and I busted him up. I would have worn out all of those guys.

sprinting speed is only part of the equation and that proves it(at least in football, typicallly all the higher level players have it), as walker was one of the greatest running backs in history, yet he got beat in a race. Im sure he cared a lot too…

They don’t get paid to race, they get paid to play football. You need to know who is buttering your bread. If they do some stupid race and pop a hamstring, it is possibly end of the season for them. Stick with performing where it matters.

I just been watching football on TV, I was wandering, What yardages are used on a football pitch. Its marked out 10, 20, 30, 40, 50… Is that Yards or Metres???..


Numba, When was Deion Sanders in his “Prime”???.. Was it when he was with the Falcons 93’, (the start of his carrer) or was it towards the end of his carrer with the Cowboys???..

Who cares, hes over rated as a corner, although he was everything they said and more as a kick/punt returner, his career with the cowboys was his prime. Best corner ever as told to me by art monk, the Hayes brothers.