Charlie: Question Regarding GPP DVD

Charlie, I just watched the GPP DVD again and I have a question about the top speed drills shown. How should the “finish drills”(flying 20’s?) and the speed-change drills be ran? What I mean is in the demonstrations of the speed-change drills, the athlete takes it easy, then accelerates once the mark is hit, correct? Would the finish drills be run in the same manner, meaning the athlete would gradually build up speed untill the mark is hit, then floor it or would the athlete try to hit the desired speed as they hit the mark then maintain it? Off topic, any idea when the SPP DVD will be ready? Thanks.

The finish drills and the speed change drills are done the same way (as you see on the DVD) but the difference is the distance over which acceleration takes place. The farther you accelerate into the drill, the faster you’ll enter the start of the zone and, thus, the less the speed differential will be.