CHARLIE,please help

What do you do for a mid/upper quad injury due to being over stretchedon the return portion?I mean after stepping down and the heel goes to the butt?
Obviously ice/cold soak in tub, light massage but what else?

When do I start jogging and easy stretching and light weights?

Quad injuries take longer and are harder to manage than hamstring injuries- and they’re harder to work around. You need to get some ART asap and stay off till the inflammation starts to settle down. you can work upper body in te meantime, but you might not be able to work on many ab exercises. Let comfort be the guide there. The ART therapist wil be able to give you a much better time frame for a return to running.

Charlie- Once inflammation goes down, then what?

Is it better to do tempo for example 8 x 200m easy form

or a 20-30min jog?

When should stretching begin?

When you go back do Tempo at a pain-free pace. Keep the volume low at first.

After that, get in the pool. Hydrotherapy is one the best therapeutic modalities. CF has mentioned this, myself and many others. Do a search for it here, there will be info.

This is one case where I’d recommend starting off the tempo on the track to prevent any chance of catching your fot on an uneven surface and irritating the quad. I’d still like you to get clearance to re-start from an ART expert.


Is it better to do say 10 x 200 or 10 x 100?

Also, how does someone warmup before doing tempo work while injured?

Thanks alot

I’d start off with 100s.

How do you properly warm up while having an injured quad?Pain and swelling are going away. Have been soaking in ice cold water for 20min everyday.

It feels tight but the pain is starting to go away.

VERY SLOWLY and stay away from stretching the area till you get the ok from a good therapist, and then start the stretching under supervision.

The most important thing for a quad injury for true speed work re-introduction is to make sure you can hit triple extension without discomfort.


Is there a certain distance I should jog for or just for a certain period of time IE = 20 min etc?