Charlie mentioned in DB article on EliteFTS

This article is mainly about why DB Hammer doesn’t feel the need for oly lifts, and about 1/2 of the way down he mentioned Charlie. I’m posting this because it is a good article that may produce some debate…and also because it mentioned Charlie :slight_smile:

Here is the article:

And here is the portion that brings up Mr. Francis:

"Look out for the results that Charlie Francis is able to produce with Marion Jones. We already know that she is fast; that is fact, what we don’t know is the margin of improvement that he and she will produce, together. This is in no way a shot at either one of them, it is just a way for me to establish my point. Anyone can market a great athlete into his or her gym, but the training process was only successful if a large return is found- and this goes for any athlete at any level. I should also note that Charlie usually has enough tact to sway from name throwing- and his and Marion’s relationship is evident of this. "

I’m not sure if he is complimenting him or putting him down.

He’s just sayin lets see what charlie can do. Unfortunately the press went bezerk and we’ll never find out

There are a number of phenomena found in sport- known simply by their varied degrees of correlations- that help us in program with confidence. It’s kind of like the punishment system you had when you were little. If your parents spotted you on the porch of their house getting fellatio by the college chick that lives next door as you kicked back on the swing petting a cat, you would probably get grounded by both your parents. Both were anticipated to be upset; thus, two predictable responses yield double correspondence (DC). However, if your parents saw you on the porch while you were just getting sexual favors performed to you then only your mom would be willing to punish you; and, actually, your dad would grow closer to you since the he has been trying to get the neighbor in his own pants ever since she turned of-age (both responses separate, yet predictable: single correspondence (SC)). Single correspondence would also result if your parents found you on the porch with just the cat. Your dad, being allergic to felines or just an angry old man, would pull out his 12-guage and, later, cook some Mexican burritos for dinner- with extra tender chicken."

Why? Why God Why?