Charlie Francis Training System - Where Can I Find It?

I’ve been looking for a while, but I cannot find a hard copy version of this book in print. I know the store has it in e-book format, but I’d prefer to have something on hand that I wouldnt have to look at on my computer all the time. It would also be pretty annoying to print out 200 pages. So does anyone know where to order it?

45 bucks? Plus they’re shipping oversea? I have the e-book but i’m not too crazy about the quality. it looked like they were “scanned” rather than converted into text or whatever.

i got mine from oztrack. Def. worth the money. Its the best sprint training/track book in my personal library. If there was only one book i could have it would def. be it.

These 2 books are the same thing.

Rupert may still have some hard copies. Send him an email.

The copy of Training for Speed that I have is missing at least one, maybe two pages(charts I believe) that I have also seen missing in other’s books as well-when compared to my copy of the CFTS. Buy CFTS if at all possible rather than TFS. I’m not sure if Faccioni has fixed this problem.

youre right. 1 diagram is missing from the facconi copy.