Charlie Francis has died

I am so sad… RIP… :frowning:

Please tell me your joking…


A sad day for all. Rest in Peace Charlie. I for one will keep his training principles alive. My thoughts to Ange and young James.

It’s true. Charlie passed away today at Sunnybrook in Toronto. Funeral arrangements haven’t been announced yet.

I’d stopped posting here over a year ago just due to lack of time - but now I’d wish I’d taken more time to ask Charlie more questions. It’s very rare to have access to an icon in any field and to be able to interact with the coach of an Olympic gold medalist was truely special.

The news says he was battling cancer for 5 years - for him to be going through that sort of hell and still posting here as recently as a few days ago - everyone should be so lucky to have a coach/mentor who is as dedicated to his craft as Charlie was. We’ve all been made better athletes and people by someone who asked us for nothing in return. Rest in peace Charlie.

Sad day.

He lives on through the knowledge and insights he’s given to the sport.

Wish the best to the Francis family.

He lives on through us all… who will remember his teachings and pass them on to our athletes and fellow coaches for generations to come. We are his legacy and we must do him proud.

Im really hating majority of the news articles that are talking about his death. THey really have no idea the good he has done for this sport.

Please don’t post any more of that newspaper crap… he deserves better than that.

To take responsibility for his actions and then come back to be one of the most positive things to happen in track and field is something most people will never appreciate but i will never forget.


devastated! RIP charlie and god be with angie and their young son

My condolences.

As Flash wrote in the chat, I honestly don’t know what to say.

I agree. Despite the crap in '88 he was a god among sprint coaches and everyone who is honest knows it. It’s our responsibility to not let the world forget that.

I feel very sad for Charlie’s family, this man was so one of a kind. I will remember his influence on me for life.
RIP - Your legacy will continue to live in all of us.

Sad news, Charlie had so much more to offer the sport and so much more he could have done in track. So much more of life to live.

Gone too soon.

Oh shit! RIP Charlie!

Initially I logged in and read the title of the thread and thought it was some sort of a sick twisted joke.
Very shocked. I was an avid reader of the forum and I always thought charlie’s insight on training and coaching was genius! Such a charismatic and gifted coach and person. It was this forum, and charlie’s material that intially motivated me to take up track!
A sad day, he was too young :frowning:

My condolences. I also second what Flash said in the chat.

I enjoyed Charlies’s sense of humor through the years, and I will sorely miss it.

His contribution to the track and field, world of strength and conditioning and the world of sports is incredible.

wow can’t believe it…

Rest in Peace Big Man. May God be with you.