RB34 Comeback Program Part 2

Any thoughts James?

Thur: 1200
Warmup Z
Dino x4
6x200 37/230
wille x8
400 walk/jog bare foot
ip 3x10
lat pd fr 3x10
weight circuit B 2x10
russ series 2x10

What can I say, my general fitness suck ass only after taking 2.5 weeks of doing jack shit. This week has felt like hell and I’m sure tomorrow will be more of the same.

Has your hip/ankle flexibility improved, allowing better squat technique?

I think my overall mobility has gotten better esp in my hips. Back in college we did tons of back and front squatting for football so I came quad dominant. Is it normal to have tons of upper hamstring soreness and not much mid-lower when squatting?

Couple yrs ago, squat tech wasn’t great.



In my experience, yes it is. Though from what I’ve seen, it seems that upper hamstring soreness is worse when people first start going deep, then it goes back to being mere regular soreness :). I also get quite sore 2 and 3 days after after doing high volume squats, though a warmup will make it go away for while before returning later in the day. Low volume/high weight doesn’t bother me.

I haven’t had a chance to watch your video yet due to being on a funny computer atm; I’ll look at it later today when I’m at the gym.

I should be good to go by next week.

Fri: 300
Warmup C
5x10/5x20/5x30 sled
Louisiana 1x10
400 walk/jog bare foot
Ab circuit 1x20sec
pc 4x6
bs 3x10x70% of 10rm
rdl 4x8
Depletion push-ups 3x
weighted decline sit-ups 3x10x50

Week 1 is in the books, I was still sore this morning but was able to get through the workout after a solid warm-up. It’s much easier training with a partner, it’s weird because he get trashed from the speed/power work and I get trashed from the tempo work. Gonna enjoy this weekend and watch some college football and get ready for NFL fantasy football season!!

Mon: 360
Warmup C
3x3x40 sled
Texas 1x20
400 walk/jog bare foot
Ab circuit 1x20sec
pc 2x6x50 2x5x55
cp 3x5x80
bs 3x10x85% of 10rm
weighted decline situps 3x10x60lbs
bike 5min/stretch

After Friday weight session I was extremely sore in my hamstrings, not my upper hamstring region but the mid region. After several ice treatments, solid warm-up, and easing into the first couple sled pulls I was able to have a solid workout. Overall things didn’t feel bad today and I was able to knock off 30mins from my workout time.

Extra wide stance and you seemed to be bending over.

I have always used a wide stance, I feel it works the post chain a lot better then close to mid stance. What do you think was causing me to bend over? Do you have a problem with the wide stance??

Naw No problem just dont see it done often. I have never tried it myself. I go with the mid stance shoulder width stance. I guess I do this because I never run with my legs that wide but it may make no difference. The bending of the back may be caused by you trying to go deeper than you need. That can be a quick way to injury when you go super heavy.

From someone who has had a back operation it looks fine to me.

Why the hammie work, all it does is bend the knee.

Thanks. What do you mean by hammie work and all it does is bend the knee?

I don’t buy that, it’s like all these people who say single work is best because running is a single leg activity.

muscles can only contract, in the case of the hammy it either bends the knee or stabilises the quad. If you are straining it while working the quads I suggest it is stabilising too hard. The quad straightens the knee. Just get into a position where the load on the quad is greater and the hamstring less.

Most of the hamstring muscles also cross the hip…

and act as hip flexors.

No, they act as hip extensors. The exact opposite…

In fact, they’re the secondary drive muscles in sprinting (behind the glutes). So I guess you could say they do a little bit more than flex the knee.

You get a tick for the answer, back to the question how do they affect the hamstring.

Get the knees back when doing the squats.