Charlie - EMS Question(s)

  1. What is the minimum time lag between sprint + weights and EMS? Is straight after too much?

  2. Due to time reasons I will onyl be able to use EMS twice per week instead of three. Should I use it for all 3 weeks of MaxStrength phase to make up for this.

i.e. 3 weeks of 2 sessions per week, instead of
2 weeks of 3 sessions per week?

Thanks very much.

Just wanted to include my questions about the subject in this thread:

QUIKAZHELL, did you buy that Digital Electronic Muscle Stimulator EMS 6500 Unit you were talking about in the summer? Was it any good?

At they have several units, and for example the smm-2 model has the necessary features, but it is pretty expensive at over 300. Are these good for building strength and for regeneration purposes?

I am thinking of buying a good unit for my own use as an athlete and because I’m going to need one as a sports masseur.

I prefer it over the high tech probably 4000$ unit that my athletic trainers use in our college training room at school.

I got off my ass and done what i should have done before I posted the question: read Charlie Francis Training System

It states:
a. No sooner than 2 hours between other hi-intensity elements and EMS
b. 10-15 sessions of EMS optimal (hence, 3 x week for 4 weeks = 12)

Charlie, could you go for 2 x week for 6 weeks in a 3-1-3 set-up.

Also, you state that if using EMS 3 days a week that Monday Wednesday & Saturday is optimal - why not Monday, Wednesday and Friday in line with hi-intensity components??


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