Charlie, EMS - How to apply in the following situations

G’day I have recently acquired a Neutrotrak sports EMS machine and am looking to use it in the following ways.

A) to help with recovery/stiffness in upper body from heavy training, esp arms and shoulders

B) to maintain muscle mass in lower legs (currently having some issues with patellar femoral pain and need to take some time away from squats etc to let the inflamation go down)

I’ve seen you mention that it’s no good using EMS for maximal contractions on smaller muscle groups, but what about recovery low intensity pulsing sessions? what sort of protocol would you recommend for this?

And for the legs, what sort of protocol/how often a week would you prescribe for someone who cannot do heavy leg training for the moment and wishes to maintain as much leg mass/strength as possible?


Did you do a search? EMS has been discussed many times on this forum in depth. As well Charlie has written about it and talked about it in his seminars and books.

To save you the time of writing in “EMS” in the search function, I have done it for you: :slight_smile: