Charlie(anyone else) what was Ben's...

PR’s in training?
I know they mean nothing when it comes to real competition, but I’m curious to what they are.
I have heard that Ben put down some killers in training, and I love numbers, so what were they?

Thankyou very much.


We used to use standing start-first motion. I figured that e-times from blocks would be approx .65sec slower. A few sample times from training:
100m 9.19
120m 11.11
150m 14.00

and 30s or 60s? and for the 20 flat in 200 m? was it e-time or hand time? and with blocks?

thanks again,

30s and 60s get a bit spotty with hand times so Ben’s 30 was 3.80 E from the gun and his 60m was 6.33 E from the gun. His 200m was 19.5 from first motion.

Charlie did Ben run those Pr’s in training by himself? Or for that matter did he ever do speed or speed end work with his other teamates?

6"33 and 8"02…
charlie, with this speed when he ranhad you the time to see ben when he passed in front of you, with your air that raised?


Ben ran all his speed sessions alone (better for relaxation, concentration, and safety- for everyone else who might try to go with him!
Compare the 8.02 to Mo’s 8.09 at 80m (30m times the same for both)- gives you an idea what he gave away.

thanks charlie, always on the dot


That 60m time is sick. That beats the WR. How accurate is that?

Regardless, he was one fast mofo. 19.5…holy crap!!! Not to sound stupid, but what was his 200m race PR???

What were MG’s 60 and 80m times in Edmonton? Considering how he broke down in the latter stages of that race, I would expect them to be quicker than his 99 WR performance?

Ben didn’t ever run a “true” 200 m (for example in rome or Seoul)
but i have a question: for a 100 m sprinter is there a relation between the lenght of SE rp and his talent for 200 m sprint?


I would say yes in that the longer the reps of SE he does, the more endurance he will have to run a better 200m time.

Ben’s best 200m was 20.29 set in 1985. He seldom ran the 200m as it represented a BIG pay cut each time he did it.

yes, the problem is my knowledge of english!
i want to say: we can take 2 great 100 m sprinter? if one of these cannot run long rps for SE, It is the slower one in 200 m sprint? i think mongomery or bayley: great speed, great speed endurance in 100 m but worse 200 m sprint. what distances used they for SE?
Or we can take ato and Mo, great 100 m sprinters and good in 200 m: they usually run long distances for SE?


Charlie, I remember somebody posting the 10m splits for Ben a while back, were those official IAAF splits or video analysis? If possible could we get those back up? thanks!

If I understand you correct, you are saying that the one who cannot run the longer reps of SE will be slower in the 200m right? I would say that it would have some effect on it…might not be the only thing, though.

I don’t know what distances anyone uses for SE because none of the pros every really post their workouts.

yes, i think you understood my statements.
we have to think for omogenous talent groups of athlets. In this case we have to give sprinters with the same PR or almost


I found these on another site so I can’t vouch for accuracy.

Seoul '88 wind +1.1

Ben Johnson
1.83 2.87 3.80 4.66 5.50 6.33 7.17 8.02 8.89 9.79
1.70 1.04 0.93 0.86 0.84 0.83 0.84 0.85 0.87 0.90
Reaction Time: 0.132
Carl Lewis
1.89 2.96 3.90 4.79 5.65 6.48 7.33 8.18 9.04 9.92
1.75 1.07 0.94 0.89 0.86 0.83 0.85 0.85 0.86 0.88
Reaction Time: 0.136

The Splits above are exactly correct. The Split times you mention were taken by the IAAF’s Scientific Splits research team.

Link to site with full splits listings for the 8 finalists of the Men’s 100m final:

There are other splits listing for other major championship finals.

I have taken several analysis of different Track races.

I have taken 10m Split times of Mo Greene’s 9.82s at the Edmonton WCH in 2001.
The splits I list come from a 50Hz Video tape, the video-footage clearly showed footage of all the 8 finalists in the race. The footage also displayed the marks on the track clearly, so analysis can be made easier and more accurate.

Maurice Greene(USA) 1st place(Gold medal)
9.82s(WL & SB mark of 2001)

RT:0.132s, Wind:-0.2m/s.

10m:1.83s (1.70s)
20m:2.83s (1.00s)
30m:3.75s (0.92s)
40m:4.64s (0.89s)
50m:5.50s (0.86s)
60m:6.33s (0.83s)
70m:7.16s (0.83s)
80m:8.02s (0.86s)
90m:8.91s (0.89s)
100m:9.82s (0.91s)

Fastest 10m Split:
0.83s, 50-60m & 60-70m.

50m Splits:
5.50s/4.32s = 9.82s(WL & SB mark of 2001)

From my analysis Mo Greene’s 60m & 80m en-route split times from that race in Edmonton were 6.33s & 8.02s respectively(both ironically actually the same as Ben did in the Seoul OG in ’88)

I have some interesting numbers for Mo’s 9.79s ex-WR from Athens,Greece in 1999.
Before I post them on the board(if anyone’s interested), I shall hve to re-check my Splits times for accuracy, and make new analysis if needed.